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Man Found Guilty of Mass Kidnapping Mom Will Be Sentenced on Tuesday

The guy who was convicted earlier this year of kidnapping a young Massachusetts mother outside a Boston nightclub and killing her is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday. In June, a federal jury convicted Louis Coleman guilty of kidnapping Jassy Correia, in a case that drew national attention and revealed the excruciating circumstances of her disappearance and murder in 2019.

Coleman’s conviction is punishable by life in prison. “Coleman was found guilty by a jury of duping Jassy into thinking he was going to give her a ride back to her friend’s apartment and instead holding her against her will, sexually assaulting her, strangling her to death, and embarking on a massive effort to cover up his crimes,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Joshua Levy said after Coleman’s conviction.

After closing arguments, the Jassy Correia kidnapping case is sent to the jury. Louis Coleman has pled not guilty to kidnapping Jassy Correia; if convicted, he faces life in jail. Joaquim Correia, Correia’s father, was one of several family members who attended the whole three-week trial. He stated after the trial that he swore to see it through since he brought Jassy to the United States when she was a small kid.

Man Found Guilty of Mass Kidnapping Mom

He stated the verdict through a translator “This individual’s criminality was demonstrated once more. He has no right to be in society. This is acceptable to me.” Prosecutors said Coleman sexually abused and strangled Correia, who had been out celebrating her birthday, before stashing her corpse in his trunk, where it was discovered four days later when he was pulled over on Interstate 95 in Delaware.

They provided vivid evidence against Coleman, including footage of him piggybacking Correia to his car after she was forced out of an Uber that wasn’t hers into the freezing night. According to prosecutors, Coleman brought Correia to his residence in Providence, Rhode Island, and placed her corpse in a bag.

The trial for Jassy Correia’s kidnapping and death has begun. Louis Coleman is accused of kidnapping and murdering a lady on her birthday in 2019. During the trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney Elianna Nuzum stated, “She never arrived home, and the reason for that is this defendant and his acts.” “He raped her sexually, strangled her to death, and carried her over state lines. Then he attempted to hide it.”

Coleman has refused to plead guilty to kidnapping Correia. According to his attorneys, the lady assaulted him and died in the car during the struggle, but Correia freely accompanied him. “What transpired in that automobile was not a planned incident,” his defense counsel, David Hoose, stated in court during the trial.

Prosecutors said Coleman was charged with kidnapping leading to death because federal law only allows for murder charges in limited circumstances. One juror was discharged on Wednesday after failing to follow guidelines on printing case-related documents.

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