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Man Sentenced to Prison for Killing Two Peoples in the Lansing Area and Planning to Kill More

In error, Julie Mooney was close with George Hogg. The relationship between Hogg and Mooney was misidentified in an earlier draught of the narrative. LANSDALE — A Delta Township man was sentenced to life in prison about three and a half years after he killed two women in the Lansing area, but the judge who gave the punishment used the opportunity to criticize the prosecutor who had negotiated the plea agreement.

Rosemarie Aquilina, the circuit judge for Ingham County, handed down a sentence of 70 to 100 years in prison for Kieran Brown, 30, on Wednesday. On August 19, Brown admitted guilt to two counts of second-degree murder related to the 2019 killings of Kaylee Brock and Julie Mooney despite being mentally ill.

Aquilina rejected a plea deal presented by Carol Siemon, the Ingham County Prosecutor, roughly two years prior to the sentencing that would have set Brown’s minimum penalties in the range of 30 to 50 years. Aquilina stated during the 2020 hearing, “In good faith, I cannot comply with this plea arrangement.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Kiernan Brown of Delta Township attends the sentencing hearing for the savage 2019 killings of Kaylee Brock, 26, of Holt, and Julie Mooney, 32, of Williamston. He was given a prison term of 70 to 100 years.

Aquilina demanded Siemon’s resignation from her position on Wednesday. Aquilina declared, “Carol Siemon should resign for what she’s done in this case and countless other cases that I have refused pleas on,” to loud applause from the gallery.

The judge declared, “I will never sit here and thank Carol Siemon.” “I may be the voice of the people, but she is free to remove me from the bench, to weep for me, too (Judicial Tenure Commission), and to do anything she wants to me for speaking out. I was chosen as a result.

“I’m hoping she awakens and pays attention to you. I hope you show her the evidence in this case and that the thought of what she was about to do when I stopped, which you heard, gives her nightmares “said Aquilina.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022, during Kiernan Brown’s sentencing hearing for the brutal killings of two women in the Lansing region in 2019, including her daughter Julie Mooney, 32, of Williamston, and Kaylee Brock, 26, of Holt, Denise Ward leaves the witness stand while holding a lock of her daughter’s hair and her ashes. “How could we ever forget what you did? Around Mother’s Day, you killed our girls “She spoke. “I hope you only smell death coming from yourself. I hope you experience the sorrow of what you have done and will experience.”

Although Siemon was not present for the judge’s remarks, she addressed them in an email sent to the State Journal. “The judge has the right to her own opinions, and she has decided to routinely use the bench to further her own goals and to disparage me personally. I decide not to follow suit. My thoughts and prayers have always been with the victims and their families “said Siemon.

“As the elected prosecutor, it is my duty to make difficult decisions, and I stand behind all of my work. I have been informing the public about this effort, including our revisions to the methods of sentencing and charging, for at least the past six years. It is my duty to make every effort to hold those accountable for the harm they cause, as well as to make sure that the criminal justice system is just, moral, and fair.”

At the podium, almost a dozen of the victims’ family members and friends made victim impact statements. They recalled Brown telling the women he was experiencing a mental health crisis and asking for their assistance before he killed them. Brown regarded Brock and Mooney as kind young women who wanted to help.

“You purchased guns on the day that you asked her for assistance. For you to use on Julie and Kaylee and the others you put on a list, not for your suicide, “Julie Mooney’s mother, Denise Hine, said to Brown. In May 2019, Brown was accused of killing Brock, 26, in her Holt home, and Mooney, 32, in a hotel room in Meridian Township, all within hours of one another. According to authorities, both women suffered repeated hits to the head from blunt objects.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Delta Township resident Kiernan Brown, pictured on the left, appeared in front of Judge Rosemarie Aquilina for his sentence hearing in connection with the savage 2019 killings of Kaylee Brock, 26, of Holt, and Julie Mooney, 32, of Williamston. He was given a prison term of 70 to 100 years. Ronald Berry, one of his attorneys, is also shown.

After serving three and a half years in jail for assault by strangulation and domestic abuse, Brown was on parole at the time. Deputies were on the lookout for him the night of the killings to deliver a legal petition for his involuntary admission for mental health treatment. He was wanted for a parole violation resulting from another domestic violence days earlier.

At the time, police noted that the death toll might have been higher. After attempting and failing to enter his ex-home girlfriend’s early on May 10, 2019, they claimed that Brown came up with a plan to kill four women. Two of his targets were killed by him before the police could apprehend him.

“After the killings, Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth declared, “There’s no question he was on a murdering spree. According to Brown’s attorney Ronald Berry, he has schizoaffective disorder, antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder among other mental health conditions.

At the podium, Brown expressed his regrets to the victim’s loved ones. He stated: “It would be nice to go back. I wish I could, but I’m unable to alter it. I sincerely apologize to Julie, Kaylee, and their families for what I caused them to go through.”

You exemplify hatred, sorry doesn’t bring them back, Aquilina stated. “Then you admit to having some mental health problems. I can see that in this file. But you also didn’t ask for assistance; you kept your suicidal and murderous thoughts to yourself and didn’t let anyone know you needed support.

You resolved the situation on your own. To get what you were thirsty for, you purchased saws, hammers, and other tools. being so strong that you seduced two ladies who trusted you, told them lies, and then brutally killed them.”

Michelle Williams discusses her relationship with the late Kaylee Brock, 26, of Holt, while her husband Greg stands by her during the sentencing hearing for Delta Township resident Kiernan Brown for the brutal 2019 killings of both Brock and Julie Mooney, 32, of Williamston. The conversation takes place on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022. Prior to the sentence, almost a dozen of the victim’s friends and family members gave victim impact statements.
The two women were described by their loved ones as being kind and optimistic by Kaylee Brock’s stepmother Michelle Williams. PDD-NOS, a condition on the autistic spectrum, was identified as Brock’s condition in the sixth grade. She put in a lot of effort despite having unique needs and graduated from high school.

Her relatives claimed that she aimed to become an independent adult. She was able to move into a townhouse by herself with the aid of Community Mental Health and Peckham Inc. According to Williams, she knew Brown from the young adult church they both frequented.

Her father Roger Brock stated that “her life was really just getting started.” The slogan of Roger Brock’s daughter, he claimed, was “Let the light pull you up.” Don’t let the darkness drag you down, she would say when she was struggling or experiencing difficulties.

We engraved those lines on her gravestone as a warning not to let the loss of her impair our ability to fully appreciate life and everything that is good, Brock added. “In these recent, really challenging years, I have tried my best to live by those words. My family and I continue to live in the open.”

According to Tameeca Mahlich, Julie Mooney was a devoted mother to her two girls and a friend who always answered the phone. “As I was getting ready this morning and straightening my hair, I thought back to all the occasions when she would comment, “Oh, you did so much better this time,” as I was getting ready to go out with her. Do you want it fixed by me?” said Mahlich.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina prepares to sentence Kiernan Brown of Delta Township on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022, during a sentencing hearing for the brutal 2019 killings of Kaylee Brock, 26, of Holt, and Julie Mooney, 32, of Williamston. Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Dewane watches as this happens. He was given a prison term of 70 to 100 years.

She claimed that Mooney would assist anyone in need. She worked with Brown in Okemos at Chili. One of Mooney’s closest pals was George Hogg. This hate, this resentment, this anger — they would want us to let it go, Hogg said. “I could sit here and talk about the struggles I’ve had because of this, but after listening to everyone I’ve just listened to, sitting back there contemplating, knowing what Julie would want, what Kaylee would want… And as we leave the room, don’t think twice about him.

Williams concurred with his earlier remarks during the session. “You killed and dismembered both the other young woman and my disabled daughter. You did this to establish yourself as a notorious serial killer. We shouldn’t hear anything more about him after today. No more mail or messages. There should be no incentive for the media to write about him, “added Williams.

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