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15 Sites Like Mangakisa!

If you don’t want to deal with bothersome advertising while reading manga, Mangakisa is an alternative to MangaDex which offers ad-free comics. More than one million manga series are included in the library, which is broken down into 90 different subcategories. Unlike other manga sites, this one provides live streaming of anime episodes.

To find your favorite manga series, all you have to do is put the name of the series in the search field and press enter. Mangaka helps you get the hottest and trendiest manga right on your mobile devices while bringing excellent features to the market.

Even though Mangakisa has disappeared from the internet, its clones continue to provide you with new chapters of your favorite manga. The following list contains some of the greatest Mangakisa alternatives you might consider trying out.


  • Extensive database of Anime
  • Adult and trendy anime online
  • Free content
  • Easy to use
  • Live streaming anime series

Mangakisa Alternatives

1. BabyAnime

When it comes to anime fans who want to catch up on all of their favourite shows, BabyAnime is the place to go because it offers whole seasons of your favourite shows dubbed in English. You’ll need to sign up for an account to watch anime live on the website. To obtain an answer from a big community, post your anime-related questions on the forum. Search by genre and category, or enter the name of the anime in the search box.

2. Manganelo

An internet service that makes it possible for users to read and exchange manga from across the world. If you’d like, you can even post your Manga for others to see and give them instant feedback. You can read stories of numerous genres on the website, including action, adventure, drama, and more. Otherwise, it’s free to use. You must sign up to upload your tale. If you want to keep in touch with other members of the community, you can join the website’s community forum.

3. Mangapark

mangapark, a portal similar to MangaDex, provides easy access to millions of free manga and anime episodes. You can also use your creativity to make a manga and share it with a vast community of manga enthusiasts across the world by taking the pen in your hand. Using this feature, you may find manga series depending on author, category, and genre by sorting the collection. Other manga fans in the huge community are helpful and…

4. MyAnimeList

Unlike MangaDex, MyAnimeList or MAL uses a list-like structure to display the collection of anime and manga available so that you can discover new gems based on your preferences. To check out the newest additions, all you have to do is register with the site’s simple user interface. The collection’s daily updates ensure that you never run out of the most recent series. Read the backstory, cast details, the opening and closing themes, and more…

5. Manga Rock

Manga Rock is one of the free sites for Manga Lovers who want to read anime stories without having to worry about calculating the cost of the manga itself. There are a lot of new and exclusive features on this platform that other Manga sites may not have. You have access to a variety of categories, and you can share the news you find with your social network contacts. But if you use your email address to sign up, you’ll have access to everything.

6. Manga Reader


For anime fans, Manga Reader is an intelligent and feature-rich tool. Almost a million anime stories are available, and you don’t have to pay to see any of them. It’s a community site, so you can post your Manga and get feedback from the rest of the community, just as you can on any other site. Its mobile app, available at any time, is what sets it apart. When you read on two separate pages, you can fully immerse yourself in the story.

7. Mangakakalot

Anime and manga fans can spend their spare time watching their favorite series on Mangakakalot, one of the fastest-growing Anime sites. In the favorite section, you may keep track of your most-watched shows and episodes, which are added automatically each day. It also features the largest collection of high-resolution photos of manga titles. Mangakakalot is a new and improved version of MangaDex.

8. AniChart

AniChart is a MangaDex replacement that provides a quick snapshot of popular anime seasons and series, allowing you to keep up with the latest releases as quickly as possible. Before adding an anime to your watch list, you can read more about it by tapping on it. In addition, this site’s anime offerings are available for free. Your list can be sorted by series name or release year, for example…

9. Nyaa

It has a similar user interface to Horriblesubs, as well as an extensive library of anime links and updates every day. The site is also well-known as the greatest torrent site because of its ability to handle a wide range of file types. With only a few mouse clicks, you can find, stream, and download nearly all of the most recent to oldest anime stuff on our site. Access to the site is simple, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

10. Anilinkz


In the same vein as Horriblesubs, you can watch full-length and HD anime series on Anilinkz without being bothered by advertising. The site was created by a group of anime fans and is now one of the go-to places to catch up on your favorite shows. It has a user-friendly design with plenty of sorting options so you can quickly locate your favorite titles. There is no need to register or log in to use Anilinkz; all you have to do is find the title and click on it.

11. Funimation

You can watch anime for free online with Funimation, a cutting-edge web and mobile app. Horriblesubs has been replaced by this service that offers many of the same services as well as a few new ones. The nicest thing about this site is that it provides a wide variety of anime to choose from, ranging from classics to the most recent offerings. For your preferred time, you can examine each category’s titles. Funimation’s user interface is awe-inspiring and…

12. AnimeTosho

A large number of anime torrents may be downloaded for free from this community. In the same way that Horriblesubs does, this site likewise offers a plethora of categories for browsing and discovering anime. Many languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and English are supported via the site’s easy design. Because it’s a global network, you can use it from anywhere in the world. Anime movies can also be streamed in HD quality online. Detailed information about…

13. MangaDex

Are you a MangaDex lover who wants to view all the episodes of your favorite series without having to worry about your data? If so, here is a list of websites where you can start streaming manga right immediately. A large library of anime and manga in thirty different categories, MangaDex, was no doubt, but unfortunately, the site is no longer available. When all you have to do is… you may miss the good old days.

14. Horriblesubs

There will be no more Horriblesubs! True anime fans, like you, are the reason you’ve landed on this page. Please accept our apologies for having to inform you that Horriblesubs has ceased operations. Horriblesubs’ main site went down a few days ago, and a letter from the developers stated that they had decided to shut down the most popular anime streaming site. Anime fans may be heartbroken to hear this, but I have some good news to share.

15. KissManga


A unique story-telling experience is the only thing KissManga – Best Sites for Manga Lovers can provide for manga fans. There is a slew of unique sections dedicated to manga, including Adult Manga, Manga for Girls Online, Favorite Japanese Manga, Popular Manga, Yaoi Manga, and regularly updated lists of thousands of free manga titles. It’s possible that Kissmanga, a modern-style website dedicated to manga fans, is the answer. There are certain special sections on the website that you can access and read at any time. …

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