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Matt Rife Girlfriend: is He Dating Anybody in the Year 2022?

Matt Rife Girlfriend: Comedian Matt Rife was born in Columbus, Ohio. In 313 days, on September 10, 2015, Matt will have turned 28 years old. When he was just fifteen years old, he started doing stand-ups.

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Who is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is a stand-up comedian and actor who was born and raised in the United States. Columbus, Ohio was the location of his birth on September 10th, 1995. Both his appearance on Bring the Funny and the comedy special that he created and starred in on his own, Only Fans (2021), led to his meteoric ascent to stardom as a stand-up comedian.

He is most known for the latter. His career as an actor has been assisted tremendously by the fact that he has appeared as a guest star on the television programs Wild ‘n Out, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Fresh Off the Boat. It was previously revealed that he was romantically involved with the actress Kate Beckinsale.

Who is Matt Rife dating?

The year 2017 marked the beginning of Matt Rife and Kate Beckinsale’s relationship. While Rife was only 21, Beckinsale was 43 years old at the time. Rife said in an interview with Fox News that the two of them had an accidental meeting at the Laugh Factory one evening and immediately built a strong bond afterward. Rife made the following statement on his relationship with Beckinsale and her current love partner: We dated for a whole year, and at that time it was undoubtedly difficult. a variety of highs and lows She has moved on, but I hope that both of them have found what they are looking for and are making progress toward their objectives.

According to recent reports, comedian Matt Rife is now unattached and does not have a spouse. However, despite the aforementioned fact, the actor has been in a serious relationship in the past. Matt Rife, a British actress and model who made her acting debut in the film “Much Ado About Nothing,” was the person Kate Beckinsale was seeing at the time (1993). A dependable source claims that they first became acquainted with one another through a mutual friend. Read also: Kritika Khurana Divorce: Breakup of Popular Social Media Figures Causes Shock

matt rife girlfriend
matt rife girlfriend

In March of 2017, Matt and Kate began a romantic relationship, even though she was nearly twice his age at 43 and he was just 21. Their relationship gained widespread attention in June 2017. Despite this, they were unable to keep it up, and in 2018, after just a year of dating, they abruptly ended their relationship. After the couple separated, Matt pursued his relationship with the American actress and producer Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, better known by her stage name, Zendaya, while Kate began seeing Pete Davidson.

Zendaya is also known as Zendaya. During her appearance on Wild ‘N Out, Matt told her, “Even if you are of mixed heritage, I want to be black.” Now let’s talk about what a way of life is. Please let the water out of your mouth so that I can acquire your number. However, the actress distanced herself and responded with a resolute “No,” even though she gave the impression of being undisturbed by his comments. Read also: Who Is Sarah Ludden? Is She Married?

Who is Matt Rife’s ex-girlfriend?

Matt Rife, like the vast majority of renowned individuals, attempts to conceal the details of his personal life, including his love relationships. As a direct consequence of this, this website will continuously be updated with any fresh dating news or rumors that surface in the future.

In the past, Matt Rife dated several different women, and at least one of those relationships progressed into something more serious. It has not been determined whether or whether Matt Rife has ever been involved in a romantic relationship of any kind. There was a time when Kate Beckinsale and Matt Rife were romantically involved with one another (2017). We are now in the process of gathering information on the previous dates and connections that have taken place. At this very time, we are in the middle of doing so. Read also: Who Is Angus Young’s Wife? How Many Awards Does He Have?

A lot of speculation can be found on the internet about Matt Rifes’s past relationships with other people. It is not hard to figure out who Matt Rife is dating at any one moment; nevertheless, it is far more challenging to keep track of all of his hookups, flings, and breakups. Keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of every celebrity pair on their dating profiles and relationship timelines is an even greater challenge.


Matt Rife is reportedly single and not dating. The actor had a significant relationship previously. Matt Rife dated Kate Beckinsale, who debuted in “Much Ado About Nothing” (1993). They met through a mutual acquaintance. When they started dating in March 2017, Kate was 43 and Matt was 21. Their relationship got viral in June 2017, but they abruptly parted in 2018.

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