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Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2: Release Date, Cast & More!

Season 2 of the star-studded Paramount Plus original series Mayor of Kingstown is on the way. Mayor of Kingstown is a criminal drama starring Jeremy Renner and a supporting cast led by Diane Wiest that will premiere on the streaming service in 2021. Season 2 was quickly picked up by Paramount Plus, with the second season debuting less than a year later. Here’s all you need to know about the second season of Mayor of Kingstown.

Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Release Date

New Mayor of Kingstown episodes will premiere on Paramount Plus in the United States and Canada on January 15, 2023. Subscribers to Paramount Plus in the United Kingdom and Australia can begin watching the new season on January 16, a day later. The show will be available in other international markets at a later date.

For Mayor of Kingstown season 1, Paramount Plus released the first two episodes simultaneously, then switched to a weekly release schedule. There is currently no word on the plans for season 2, but we believe it will be something along these lines.

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The premiere of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 in January brings to three the number of Taylor Sheridan episodes premiering on Paramount Plus in the next three months, following Tulsa King in November and 1923 in December. With the streamer, the TV creator is also working on 1883: Bass Reeves Story, Lioness, and Land Man.

The Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Storyline

The McLusky family is being pursued by the mayor of Kingstown, Michigan, where the jail is the only viable industry. This means that Mike McLusky’s (Renner) position as a go-between for people inside and outside the prison gives him enormous power. It does, however, make him a target. The first season ended with a jail riot, and the second season will explore the consequences, as depicted in the trailer below.

 Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Trailer

The studio hasn’t published a complete trailer, but they have posted a small teaser with Mike’s narration and the caption, “The riots were just the beginning.” Watch the trailer here.

YouTube video

 Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Cast

With Mayor of Kingstown, Jeremy Renner led a TV series for the first time since 2009 (in case you’re wondering, Hawkeye launched a few weeks later). Jeremy Renner, best known for his roles in The Hurt Locker, The Town, and Wind River, described his Mayor of Kingstown character, Mike McLusky, as someone with tenacity and a moral code; someone who is striving to do the right thing.

Dianne Wiest, who plays the McLusky matriarch Miriam, returns to the cast of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 alongside Renner. The Bullets Over Broadway star stated in an interview before season 1 that Miriam is definitely not the best mother in the world, and fans will understand why in the first ten episodes. Hugh Dillon, Taylor Handley, Emma Laird, Tobi Bamtefa, Derek Webster, Nishi Munshi, Hamish Allan-Headley, and Aiden Gillen return for Mayor of Kingstown season 2.

How To Observe The Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2?

If you want to catch up with the Mayor of Kingstown or make sure you can watch season 2 when it comes out, you must be a Paramount Plus subscriber, as the series is only available on the platform. The product is offered in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other international markets. Although the program is standalone, US consumers can also sign up for it through other platforms such as Prime Video and YouTube.

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