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In What Way Did Melissa Carrick Meet Her Fate? Is She Still Alive?

Melissa Carrick disappeared after ASIC and AFP raided her property in Dover Heights, Sydney, on suspicion she stole $30 million from friends and family. DNA tests confirmed Melissa Caddick’s bones were recovered in NSW in 2021.

Does Wikipedia Have Melissa Carrick?

Melissa Carrick is mentioned in Wikipedia, and various other websites have filled in the blanks in her article with the material they lacked. On April 21, 1971, Caddick was born in the neighborhood of Lugarno in Sydney, where he also spent his childhood. After graduating high school, Melissa enrolled in Patrick’s College Australia in Sydney to take business administration and secretarial work classes.

She began her career in the financial industry working for the investment department of NRMA and later moved on to become an office administrator for a boutique investment bank in Sydney. It was discovered that Melissa had stolen a little under $2,000 from the firm in 1998, six months after she started working there, by faking her supervisor’s signature on several checks.

Melissa was not charged with a crime and was permitted to leave the office without having the money returned to her or the police being told about the incident.

Exactly What Occurred to Melissa Carrick?

On February 21, 2021, Melissa Caddick’s rotting foot washed up on Bournda Beach on the state’s south coast, just south of Tathra. According to Michael Willing, the assistant commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force, the family of Melissa Caddick was informed of her DNA match at that time. Bournda Beach is located just south of Tathra.

Melissa Carrick
Melissa Carrick

The tide and drift pattern modeling conducted by the maritime police corresponded to the southern position of the foot. As of 2022, investigators were still trying to solve the mystery of how Melissa came to be floating in the water. Read more: Kat Stickler Divorce: Explain Briefly!

Current Situation Regarding Melissa Carrick’s Disappearance: Where Is She?

Melissa Caddick vanished on November 12, 2020, the morning after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) searched her house in Dover Heights. Melissa’s son last heard her leaving for her morning walk at five o’clock when he heard the door to their home close behind her. Melissa gave up all she possessed and started again.

Willing claims that many individuals, including Melissa’s claimed victims, relatives, and friends, were worried about her absence after she went missing. The precise whereabouts of Melissa after she left her house could not be determined, even though the CCTV footage was examined in great detail, because the tape did not entirely capture the region where she disappeared. Read more: Justin Trudeau Divorce: Is It True or Is It Just a Rumor?


Melissa Caddick disappeared the day after Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Federal Police (AFP) agents searched her house in Dover Heights, Sydney, New South Wales, on suspicion that she had stolen $30 million from investors, some of whom were friends and relatives.

After months of searching for Melissa’s whereabouts, Caddick’s DNA finally determined that the human remains found on the shore of New South Wales in February 2021 were really his.

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