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Mesa Officer Hurt When His Police Cruiser Was Hit by a Suspected Drunk Motorist

After allegedly hitting a patrol car with two officers inside on Thursday night, a 23-year-old man has been detained in Mesa, Arizona. According to police, he was discovered trying to hide in the passenger seat of another car.

Around midnight on November 24, two Mesa police officers attempted to stop a Chrysler 300 for an unidentified “civil traffic offense” near Hobson and Broadway Road. According to police, the driver, identified as Joaquin Santiago Orozco, sped away before disappearing from view.

The police remained and carried on their patrol in the vicinity. Orozco apparently resurfaced when they continued down Franklin Avenue, just south of the original stop, and collided with their police car as he was making a right turn.

The vehicle then struck an empty parked automobile before attempting to turn around. As the suspect’s automobile backed out, the two officers jumped out of their vehicle and began shooting at it, but the suspect vehicle was able to escape onto Franklin Avenue.

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Although it is said that both police officers are unharmed, one of them had to be transported to the hospital due to a head injury he got in the crash. Authorities in the area later discovered the suspect’s automobile abandoned at Mesa and 7th Drive. It had collided with another stationary car.

Near 8th Avenue and Center Street, an automobile was apparently approached by another Mesa police officer. According to a statement from the police, the front seat passenger was holding a male who was not wearing a shirt and had a cut on his face.

The shirtless man, identified as Orozco, exited the vehicle and fled on foot as the police began attempting to speak with the passengers. Orozco was eventually apprehended and recognized as the suspect in the earlier shooting incident.

Orozco’s passenger, a woman, was unharmed, and neither was the suspect, who was not gravely damaged. When the officers started shooting at him, he wasn’t hit. A number of accusations, including aggravated assault, aggravated DUI, endangerment, evading arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident, led to the 23-year-booking old’s into jail.

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