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Mexico anti-dam activist, Un Rights Office Condemns Dam-death Fighter’s

On Friday, the United Nations Office for Human Rights issued a statement condemning the assassination of an anti-dam activist in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

The corpse of Filogonio Martnez was discovered on Wednesday, according to the Oaxaca state prosecutors, and there was no evidence of violence on the body. The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated, however, that Martinez had been killed by gunfire.

He was a member of the Council of United Towns in Defense of the Rio Verde, which has been fighting since 2008 to prevent the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Rio Verde river. The dam would have been built on the Rio Verde river.

The municipalities in the region recently prevailed in a legal struggle they brought against the federal proposal. Land disputes are another source of tension in the region. Read more: Grand Jury Fails to Convict Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Cops

Mexico anti-dam activist
Mexico anti-dam activist

According to the council, five other anti-dam activists who worked alongside Martinez were slain in 2021. As a direct result of the deaths, campaigners were successful in obtaining assurances from state officials that they would be protected.

Global Witness, a non-governmental organization, conducted a poll throughout the world to determine the most dangerous countries for environmental and land defense activists and found that Mexico was the most dangerous country overall. 54 activists were slain in Mexico in 2021, whereas just 33 were killed in Colombia and 26 were killed in Brazil. In the year 2021, the organization documented the passing of 200 activists all throughout the world. Read also: A Women Died at Patrol Station, Family Member Believe It is a Murder

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