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Michael Schumacher’s Daughter Says to ‘keep Fighting’ on His Birthday After Racer’s 2013 Accident

On his 54th birthday, Michael Schumacher received love and good wishes. Since suffering a brain injury in a skiing accident in December 2013, the former Formula One driver has kept a low profile. Following the tragedy, he began receiving specialized care in his home country of Switzerland.

His children shared adorable flashback images of their father on Tuesday. “Happy Birthday, Dad! Reminisce about our karting days! Continue to fight, “Gina-Maria, his 25-year-old daughter, captioned an Instagram photo of the two wearing similar racing bomber jackets.

Michael Schumacher’s son would ‘give up everything’ to talk racing with his father, F1 champion Michael Schumacher. Her brother Mick, who followed in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a racing career, also paid tribute on Instagram.

The 23-year-old shared a photo of himself and his father dressed in black suit jackets and white button-down shirts, as well as another of his father in his racing gear.  Put your money to work and earn a potential second income with as little as $250.

“Happy birthday to the best Dad ever, love you!” he said in the caption. Michael Schumacher’s Wife Says Her Husband Is ‘Different’ Since His Accident in 2013, ‘But He’s Here. Schumacher is widely recognized as one of the best Formula One driver.

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According to F1, Schumacher won 91 races and seven championships and will be recognized with a Netflix documentary about his life (due out in 2021). According to Sports Illustrated, when he received the North Rhine-Westphalia State Prize in July 2022, his wife Corinna was present to accept the medal and deliver a brief update.

Sign up for PEOPLE’s free weekly newsletter to get the week’s top stories sent to your inbox every Friday. “I miss Michael every day,” Corinna remarked. “But I’m not the only one who misses him. It’s his children, his family, his father, and everyone else.

Everyone misses Michael, but Michael is here. Different, but he’s here, and I think that gives us strength. We attempt to maintain the family atmosphere that Michael enjoyed and continues to enjoy. And now we’re moving on with our lives.

‘Private is private,’ he would constantly say.” “It is critical to me that he continues to enjoy his private life as much as possible,” she added. “Michael has always looked out for us, and now we are looking out for Michael.”

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