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Michelle and Nayte breakup: Is it really, or is it simply a rumour?

During June, two of the Bachelorette contestants suffered through breakups. On June 17, Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya declared that they were publicly breaking off their engagement. Here we will try to know about the ” Michelle and Nayte breakup.” 

The Relationship Status of Nayte Olukoya?


When the very first episode of The Bachelorette aired, Nayte had not yet found a partner in his life (American season 18). After that, he began communicating with Miss. Michelle Young, who was playing the role of the Bachelorette on the show. As an elementary school educator, Michelle has amassed a following of 774 thousand individuals across her Instagram profiles.

The two developed strong bonds throughout the reality program, ultimately leading Nayte Olukoya to win Michelle Young’s affection. After Michelle picked Nayte over Brandon Jones, who was eventually voted the show’s first runner-up, the two became engaged shortly after that. On June 16, 2022, however, they decided to go their ways nearly precisely after six months of being committed to one another. Their devoted following continues to harbor the dream that they will perform together again.

What is Nayte Olukoya’s Statement About His Separation?

In his recent appearance on The Viall Files, Nayte Olukoya discussed his breakup with Bachelorette Michelle Young, including the fact that they ended things over the phone, something he now regrets doing.

Indicating that they went their separate ways after “I broke up with her over the phone after a rough weekend,” Nayte claimed, according to E.T. If you’re engaged, you shouldn’t call to break up with someone. It was the weekend of her birthday. As a result of her and my invitation to the Wango Tango event, the whole gang has converged in Los Angeles. It was a difficult start to the weekend. The seas were increasingly rougher. It was a case of Wango Tango. Before we did all those press interviews and everything, she and I fought.”

Moreover, he said, “To cut a long story short: “the weekend was not a pleasant weekend,” full of many “serious talks,” and “the last day in L.A., the conversation was moving already towards a breakup. This was not our first round of “breaking up” talk. Maybe this was our third attempt at breaking up.”

michelle and nayte breakup
michelle and nayte breakup

Nayte added that he and Michelle had “suddenly lost their chemistry; and while “I’m not claiming that she transformed into this nasty person,” something wasn’t the same. As we settled into our new normal, things started changing shortly after the engagement.”
There were reportedly multiple heated fights between the two in January, which prompted Nayte to reconsider his relocation plans. Then, during Nayte’s month-long visit to Minnesota, the couple came dangerously close to splitting up.

He said that this wasn’t Michelle and I’s the first time discussing a split. “If Michelle felt blindsided, I can’t take that away from her.” It wasn’t our first time having a breakup chat; this is the third time we’ve come close to splitting up. “The day I left L.A. after her birthday weekend, it was already being stated without being spoken.”

After Nayte decided not to attend the CMAs, she said that was the final straw in their relationship.

“I was amid a very frustrating conversation with my mother when Michelle called me. Unfortunately, I overestimated her arrival time at home and discovered that she was still at the airport, which made matters worse. “Hey, if we’re not doing the CMAs next week, we have to give them a reason why,” she said. Also, I said, “We’re not doing CMAs because I can’t be with you anymore.” It was rather dicky of me to end things with her over the phone, but I did.”

He informed Nick that it had been some time before Michelle and Nayte had utterly cut off all contact. “Certainly, I long for the Michelle I first fell in love with…

Honestly, I’m not sure I miss the ex-Michelle I dumped.”


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