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Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney Have Called Off Their Divorce

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney

Michelle Branch filed for divorce from Patrick Carney earlier this summer, but the couple isn’t yet divorced. According to Page Six, the couple just filed an order of reconciliation. Branch and Carney agreed to put their divorce on hold for six months so that they “may participate in therapy services to accomplish reconciliation and/or restart living together as husband and wife,” according to court filings. After six months, the pair will decide whether to reopen the divorce proceedings or drop them entirely.

Branch discussed her marriage status in interviews with People and Yahoo Entertainment. “I’m still living in it right now, and it’s changing by the hour,” she told People. “I mean, he’s the father of my children,” she stated to Yahoo. I adore him to pieces. In an ideal world, I believe we will find a way to make it work.

I’m not sure. It’s just so fresh and raw right now. But at the heart of our relationship is a close friendship. So, regardless of what happens in our marriage, maybe that will remain.” Branch also expressed regret for making their marital problems public. “I should not have used Twitter to express myself. “Here I am saying, ‘Please respect our privacy,’ yet I’m the one who said it to the entire world,” she explained to People.

“I have to recognize the reality that I am not the only one participating in this.” We have young children. I told Patrick I wouldn’t say anything about it publicly.”

Branch and Carney married in 2019 after dating for some years and have two children. Branch posted — and then erased — the revelation that Carney cheated on her before confirming their split in a statement to People. Soon after, she was arrested and charged with minor domestic abuse after allegedly slapping Carney in the face. The charges were eventually withdrawn.

Branch claimed regret for slapping Carney in an interview with Tamron Hall. “Violence, I do not support violence.” My husband was slapped. “It wasn’t the best moment of my life,” she admitted. Branch blamed the incident on being postpartum and having a few drinks. “All of the bricks were stacked in such a way that I didn’t have time to think about what I was doing.” It was one of those moments when I wondered, ‘Is this really happening?’ “Did this actually happen?”

Branch’s new album, The Trouble with Fever, will be out on September 16th, and she’ll be touring in support of it alongside Katelyn Tarver and Bad Bad Hats on select dates. Tickets are currently available through Ticketmaster. Subscribe to our email feed to receive the latest breaking news in music, film, and television, tour updates, access to exclusive prizes, and more.

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