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Midvale Lady Angry With Husband Beat Kids in Video Call, Authorities Say

Midvale lady angry with husband. A woman from Midvale was detained after police received a report that she had beaten her children because she was angry with the way their father was raising them.

Statement Made by the Police Regarding This Incident

Police in Midvale, Utah, said they have arrested a woman for abusing her children after she became angry at their father. According to law enforcement, she told them the children were the only ones nearby on whom she could vent her frustrations.

On Saturday, police first detained the lady. However, police claimed they changed their approach to the case after interrogating the youngsters and discovering the extent of the alleged abuse was more than they had initially believed. The lady, age 32, is currently being jailed on three charges of severe child abuse at the Salt Lake County Jail.

The woman, according to the police, repeatedly called her spouse at the office on Saturday. To which I replied, “When he didn’t answer, “She then started emailing him photos of his clothes after she had mutilated them with scissors. In addition to the images, she also provided him recordings of her abusing his kids.

Children’s cries can be heard as well as the sound of an object she strikes them within the tape “based on the affidavit filed by the police during the arrest process. The affidavit states that the lady called her husband through video chat and, when he replied, she allegedly beat their three children, all younger than 10 years old, with a hanger. Read more: Amanda Trenfield Left Her Husband for a Once-met Man

Midvale Lady Angry With Husband
Midvale Lady Angry With Husband

After that, the dad went home and dialed 911. The affidavit indicates that when questioned by police, she stated that “her children were the only ones there to take her wrath out on.”

As a result of her arrest, two of the children were allowed to speak with authorities, and they reported other instances of abuse. Unified Police Sergeant Melody Cutler reported that the youngsters had “plenty of bruises” and other injuries that were in various states of healing.

With this new piece of information in hand, detectives reinterviewed the female suspect. “The affidavit reads, “(She) indicated the motive for beating the victims was to make (her husband) furious.” Read more: Amazon’s Counsel Following a Driver’s Dog Attack Death is Ill-timed

In addition, (she) acknowledged that the three victims had done nothing to warrant the torture they endured. Other instances of abuse were confirmed, and she justified her actions by saying she was “teaching the victims.”

According to Cutler, the mother claimed to police she was “teaching” her children to behave better when they misbehaved.

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