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Miguel’s Wife Seeks Divorce: All Information with Detail!

Because Miguel’s model wife recently submitted a divorce petition, the future of Miguel’s marriage is no longer a given. After nearly three years of marriage, the high school sweetheart of the musician known for his hit song “Sure Thing,” Nazanin Mandi, rushed to the courthouse on Tuesday and filed for divorce from Miguel.

According to the docs that TMZ was able to get their hands on, Miguel’s wife is claiming that they were unable to reconcile their disagreements and that there was a prenuptial agreement in place. After 17 years of being together, Miguel and Nazanin reportedly announced in September 2021 that they were going their separate ways.

However, Miguel appeared to hint that they were back together in February when he posted a photo dump of them on Instagram with the caption, “I miss you so much.” “Love is a powerful healer. Happy with ourselves.” Even though the pair were pictured together as recently as July, Nazanin does not mention a date of separation in the documents; rather, that section of the documentation states that the date is “TBD.”

Miguel first met Nazanin when he was 18 years old, and the two of them became engaged in 2016, later marrying in November of 2018. They did not have any children together during their time together. After publicly announcing earlier this year that they had reconciled their marriage, Miguel and his wife Nazanin Mandi have decided to end their relationship once more.

Miguel's Wife Seeks Divorce

A report that was published by TMZ on Tuesday, October 4, stated that Mandi had officially submitted a divorce petition against the musician. In the court paperwork, Nazanin stated that “irreconcilable reasons” were the driving force behind her decision to officially separate from Miguel. However, she did not disclose any other information about the reasons.

In addition to that, she mentioned that there is a prenuptial agreement in place. The most recent filing comes almost one year after the couple first disclosed their intentions to part ways. On the other hand, the pair announced in February that they had reconciled and were once again together.

The year 2018 marked the beginning of Miguel and Nazanin’s marriage, but the two had been together since they were in high school. The documents filed with the court do not include a specific date indicating when the couple officially divorced. As of the right moment, the date is listed in the documentation as “TBD.” On the other hand, the pair were photographed together for the last time in July. In addition, during the time that they were married, they did not produce any offspring.

Neither Miguel nor Nazanin has addressed their breakup head-on in any public statements. To this point, they have both sent cryptic messages that could be interpreted as describing how they are now feeling. Despite this, not a single one of them addresses the other by name. Take a moment to hear what The Breakfast Club had to say about the predicament they found themselves in.

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