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Misha Collins Divorce Rumors – Details!

According to his IMDb credits, Misha Collins is a “Supernatural” legend due to his portrayal of multiple roles on the program. These roles include Jimmy Novak and Lucifer. He is well recognized for his role as Castiel. Collins, who knew Monica Lewinsky as a White House intern and has consistently defended her, has also been in the spotlight for his unexpected association with her.

Famous Supernatural star Misha Collins was married to Victoria Vantoch, a historian and journalist.

Collins’s wife, Victoria Vantoch, is a talented and smart woman with an interesting background and career of her own, and she is the one who is helping to fund all of this incredible progress. Collins’s wife, Victoria Vantoch, is a talented and smart woman with a fascinating career of her own, and she is the one who is helping to fund all of this incredible progress.

Misha Collins Divorce Rumors With Wife Victoria Vantoch

The rumors circulated that the long-married couple had separated or divorced.

In July 2021, shortly after Collins announced the release of her poetry collection titled Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You, news of their split began to circulate.

By the time it came out in October, the book had revealed that he and his wife of thirty years, Vicki Vantoch, had split up.

I’m alone in San Francisco,” he said in a poem titled “IN PASSING,” which was about his poetry that alluded to his separation. Also, this morning, when I was walking down a narrow path that clung to the edge of a hill, I saw a man…”


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And as he was leaving, he murmured, “Don’t be lonely. “Just ‘BE HAPPY,'” he explained later.

Collins hinted in his book that he and his long-term wife had separated, although he has not confirmed this officially.

This makes it unclear whether or not a divorce was finalized.

Misha Collins Apologizes For “Misspeaking” After Came Out As Bisexual

Misha Collins is clarifying prior comments after they were interpreted as a bis*xual outing.

The 47-year-old former Supernatural cast member apologized on Twitter for “the clumsiness of my words” after he discussed his s*xuality at the Supernatural Official Convention held by Creation Entertainment this past weekend in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

I’m curious, for the record: “How many of you would identify as introverts? The number of extroverted individuals. He had earlier questioned the conventioneers in a video that he had put to Twitter. How many of them are also bis*xual?

After he realized his mistake, he posted on social media to clarify that he is straight and “a fierce ally” of the LGBTQ community. A heartfelt apology for speaking incorrectly this weekend,” Collins said on Twitter.

Misha Collins Divorce

According to his writing, he once told the crowd at a New Jersey fan conference that he was “all three” of the following: an introvert, an extrovert, and a bis*xual. “My clumsy purpose was to avoid talking about my s*xuality, but I flubbed that and understood it was taken as me coming out as bis*xual.

Since this was not my aim, I feel the need to set the record straight: I am not bis*xual. Despite my sexual orientation, I consider myself a fierce ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, and I would never want to appropriate the struggles of that group in any way that would be misleading or offensive. I think people must have the freedom to openly and truthfully discuss their identities and express their feelings for whoever they choose.

I sincerely apologize for any offense caused by my poor choice of words. I feel sick to my stomach at the thought that I may have contributed in any way to making things worse, and I want to be a better ally as a result. Collins said, “I’m trying to learn, trying to do better, and I’ll keep listening.”

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