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Grand Jury Fails to Convict Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Cops

This post is all about the “Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Cops”. In the course of a conflict with law enforcement officers that took place in the emergency department of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in 2017, Miles Jackson, age 27, was shot and died.

The Whole Coverage Of Grand Jury Statment

In the course of a conflict with law enforcement officers that took place in the emergency department of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in 2017, Miles Jackson, age 27, was shot and died.

The members of the Columbus Division of Police and the security guards at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital who were involved in the shooting death of Miles Jackson last year were not indicted by a grand jury in Franklin County after the panel reached a unanimous decision.

The judgment of the grand jury was reportedly delivered on October 26th, according to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office.

Jackson was killed on April 12, 2021, following a battle with cops that began when they found he was concealing a pistol in his trousers. The struggle ultimately led to Jackson’s death.

An unconscious guy, who was subsequently identified as Jackson, was brought into a convenience shop where the incident occurred, and paramedics were summoned to treat him. After the administration of Narcan, he was sent to the hospital for further treatment. Read also: Was Hunter’s Death Caused by a Change in Custody?

After receiving treatment, Jackson checked out of the hospital against the advice of his doctors. After an hour, Westerville police were summoned to the parking lot of a Chase bank to investigate a report of a suspicious individual.

Jackson was discovered by law enforcement officers sleeping confusedly on a picnic table. He was sent to Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital once again.

Mount Carmel St. Ann's Cops
Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Cops

Jackson was taken into custody by Columbus police after warrants for his arrest were discovered by Westerville police while he was receiving medical treatment. Westerville police contacted Columbus police, who arrived to take Jackson into custody.

According to the office of the prosecutor, Jackson reached into a front pocket and retrieved a weapon as he was being patted down. Jackson opened fire, and an officer on the scene immediately returned fire.

A second cop from Columbus fled the room for shelter outside the building. According to the prosecutor’s office, other law enforcement personnel came and yelled demands at Jackson for almost five minutes, asking him to put his hands up and put an end to the incident. Read also: Sale on Dyson, Kitchenaid, and More at Wayfair’s Way Day Event Ends Tonight

Jackson was shocked with a Taser by a Columbus cop who had arrived at the hospital to assist. Once again, he fired his gun, and the cops responded by firing back.

The medical professionals at the emergency department did all they could to save Jackson’s life, but he did not make it. No one on the police force or in the hospital personnel was hurt. Read also: Temu’s Black Friday Sale Offers Up to 70% Off Wholesale Prices

According to the findings of Michael Jackson’s autopsy, he sustained wounds to the head, chest, and abdomen from a total of 20 gunshots. A toxicology result revealed the presence of both fentanyl and nor fentanyl in the substance.

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