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Mummy Pig Divorce: Everything We Want to Know!

The long-suffering patriarch of a family of talking pigs, DADDY Pig, spoke candidly with WWN about the tense circumstances that led to him filing for divorce from his wife of six years this week, as well as where he sees his life going from here. DADDY Pig is the long-suffering patriarch of a family of talking pigs.

The architect, who goes by the name Percington Pig and is now 30 years old, broke down in tears as he described how his family had spent the previous number of years mercilessly making fun of his appearance, weight, and inability to run long distances or successfully navigate his way to a picnic spot.

Such indignities have led to marital tensions between Mr. Pig and his wife Amanda Pig, also known as Mummy Pig, with the couple growing more and more distant from each other under the weight of their hectic work schedules and the demands of their two young children. Mr. Pig is a pig. Amanda Pig is a pig.

Mummy Pig Divorce
Mummy Pig Divorce

After Daddy Pig had heard more than enough taunts about his enormous belly, he lost his cool this week and walked out of the family house, which was situated at the very top of a very steep hill, slamming the doors and yelling, “I’ll see you in court, Mummy Pig.”

While Daddy Pig cried and ate corn on the cob that had been grilled, he proclaimed, “I’m a man, God damn it, I’m a man!” “I deserve some kind of respect, and it is not appropriate for my wife to embarrass me at every available chance.

Oh, there are so many tales about that woman that I could tell you! Did you know that after George was born, she made an attempt to devour him? Do I then proceed to rub that in her face every time she makes a mistake? No, I don’t think so.

However, she has no problem bringing out each and every one of my shortcomings at any time she sees fit. I have had enough of this bullsh*t, thank you very much.” In addition to this, Mr. Pig has made it very apparent that he has no intention of pursuing any kind of custody arrangement for his two children.

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