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Numerous historians and those who are interested in historical crimes are familiar with the name Mark Hoffman, who was a well-known counterfeiter, forger, and convicted murderer who lived during the nineteenth century. Because of the account of his life, the manner in which he came to stardom, and the entire salamander idea, which he introduced into the history of the Mormon church, he divided the entire religion and caused many people to lose confidence during that time period. Those killings were quite severe events in those times, and based on all available evidence, he is still in prison, doing time for shaking up the entire church and history, as well as for the murders they were involved in. His crime was documented in this documentary series, which was only given a single season because of the fact that it covered the most important moments in his personal life. This show has garnered a large number of viewers as well as critical acclaim, earning a 7.0 IMDb rating out of 10, making it a worthwhile viewing experience for everyone.

Following the premiere of the first season of the show, many fans have been looking forward to the release of the second season of the show. It is unfortunately impossible to envision a second season of the series for a variety of reasons. For starters, the program was originally advertised as a miniseries when it premiered, and just three episodes were broadcast during the first season. One more point to mention is that the first season covers the entirety of Mark Hoffman’s life, and there isn’t much more to show than what has already been shown in the show.

Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date

The documentary mini-series, which consists of a total of three episodes, was released on the Netflix platform on the 2nd of March in the year 2021. The series’ production began in the year 2017, and it took about three years for the show’s creators to thoroughly investigate and justify every fact before presenting it to us. Given the low likelihood of a second season, it is crucial to point out that the series was originally proposed as a 6-episode documentary that was trimmed by Netflix to three episodes, suggesting that there may be room for some items that haven’t been shown so far to be shown in a second season. Even though there are very few chances, if the show’s creators decide to reveal anything more about it, it will not be in 2022 due to upcoming Netflix projects and the time it takes to properly justify and present facts in front of us. As a result, we will have to wait until early 2023 for any further information on the show’s development.

The Mormons Season 2
The Mormons Season 2


Murder Among The Mormons Season 1 Release Date March 2, 2021
Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date Not Announced
Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Release Date

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Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Story

The series is primarily concerned with the catastrophic event that the well-known American counterfeiter and convicted murderer brought about in the history of the Mormon church. The entire church was thrown into turmoil as a result of the forgeries artifacts that he exhibited to the congregation.

The Mormons Season 2
The Mormons Season 2

The story primarily revolves around how Mark got into this profession, his early success which he achieved through counterfeiting artifacts, the first of which was the Martin Haris letter, which he counterfeited and revealed a fake theory of Joseph Smith, who was the founder of Mormonism, and another major event which literally shook the foundation of a complete religion, the salamander letter, which replaced an angel with a salamander and literally shook the foundation of a complete religion.

Everything was going well for Mark Hoffman, but the money he earned wasn’t enough to cover his expenses, and he was constantly in debt. As a result of a series of circumstances, he ended up setting two bombs and causing mayhem, in the hopes of buying more time to deal with the matter. However, shortly after a bombing event that occurred in his presence, the truth about the counterfeiting was revealed, and he was arrested and put into custody.

Murder Among The Mormons Season 2 Trailer

Due to the fact that we already know that the show’s renewal for a second season is extremely unlikely, we have yet to see the teaser for the show’s second season. In any case, the trailer for the first season is available on YouTube, and it should be watched if you want to learn more about the show.

YouTube video

Where Can We Watch Murder Among The Mormons?

The series is a complete Netflix original and thus it is available only on the Netflix streaming platform.

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