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My Body, My Choice: Taking the Abortion Rights Fight to the Stage

They had a private enclave all to themselves. Molly Smith and her sister Bridget attended weekly women’s consciousness-raising sessions held in the living room of a friend’s home in the early 1970s. These events were held close to Washington’s Catholic University.

Taking the Fight for Abortion Rights To The Stage With “My Body, My Choice”

They read ground-breaking texts on women’s health and sexuality like Our Bodies, Ourselves, which was one of the books they read. While seated on cushions in a circle, the group of women listened to one another, revealed their most intimate thoughts and feelings, and laughed and cried.

”Women needed spaces where they could be open, where they could be uncompromising, where they could speak about the beginnings of their feminism, where they could speak about their stories around their bodies without shame,” Smith, who is now 70 years old, recalled by phone.

“Women needed spaces where they could be open, where they could be uncompromising, where they could speak about the beginnings of their feminism.” “A significant number of women had no idea what their bodies were capable of.

“We were reading a wide variety of publications on the subject of female autonomy that women were not familiar with. It was shrouded in secrecy since no one would discuss it, and because of this, it could only be found in places where access was restricted to just a select few.

My Body, My Choice Taking the Abortion Rights Fight to the Stage

It was imperative that it take place in a location that did not admit males. It had to take place at a location that was restricted to women exclusively in order to provide those women the opportunity to speak their minds freely.

When in June the right-wing majority of the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, the 1973 ruling that has enshrined a woman’s constitutional right to abortion, images of that time came flooding back to Smith, the artistic director of the Arena Stage theatre in Washington.

Roe v Wade was the ruling that enshrined a woman’s constitutional right to abortion. According to the think tank Guttmacher Institute, 66 facilities in 15 different states have been compelled to stop offering abortions one hundred days after the judgment that has caused such a contentious and controversial debate.

Smith goes on to say that as a result of the decision that was reached by the Supreme Court, “we moved back into being second-class citizens.” “I was fighting this war in the early 1970s, and to have it back again now is terrible to me,” he said. “I was fighting for.”

Smith felt outraged, agitated, irritated, and desperate as a result of the decisions made by the Supreme Court of the United States, three of whose justices had been selected by former President Donald Trump. Smith read voraciously about these decisions.

The next morning, she awoke with the determination to react through the medium of her paintings. My Body, No Choice is the product of this collaboration between Arena Stage and eight different female playwrights, including V (previously known as Eve Ensler, creator of The Vagina Monologues), Fatima Dyfan, Lee Cataluna, and Lisa Loomer. The piece features both fictional and non-fictional monologues.

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Some confront the decision to have an abortion head-on, while others avoid the subject entirely. One has a difficult time dealing with the fact that her mother attempted to have an abortion performed on her. Another individual delivers a speech in support of abortion rights, but it is met with strong opposition at a Catholic school.

In the speech, the individual claims that “Brett Kavanaugh forced a teenager named Christine Blasey Ford onto a bed and then lied about it to Congress and then lied about his views on Roe.”

Another woman describes the horrible experience of having a miscarriage and then following the advice of her doctor to have the pregnancy tissue surgically removed from her uterus in order to reduce the likelihood of contracting an infection or suffering a hemorrhage.

She warns that this could become illegal in the United States when the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down, saying, “In so many states, I would endure weeks waiting for the end of the loss that had happened.” Weeks that are hazardous to my health. Bringing my heart to a standstill. I can’t even try to wrap my head around it.

“This abortion was the first meaningful choice I had ever made about my own body,” says one woman who is a survivor of childhood abuse and who had an abortion on July 4, interpreting the sound of independence day fireworks as a celebration of her autonomy.

I was 23. My body, which had been beaten, raped, insulted, and seized by clumsy and violent boys while they were in the dark. My body, which had been wiped clean and had appeared to be lifeless, was all of a sudden empty and vibrant.

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