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National Divorce Day in Us: Why is January Called Divorce Month?

The Christmas holidays can pressure relationships, with many choosing to stay together until the end of the family season. However, early January is when many couples reach the end of their rope. Family law attorneys have dubbed January’s first Monday, which falls on January 4 in 2021,” Divorce day” because of the sharp increase of separation inquiries they see around this time. There are many reviews about National Divorce Day in Us.

History of divorce day in the US

The quarter court of Boston granted Anne Clarke’s request for a divorce from her husband, Denis Clarke, on January 5, 1643. Mr. Clarke acknowledged abandoning his wife and two children in addition to fathering two additional kids with a different woman. The court had the authority to divorce his wife and punish him criminally since he refused to go back to his wife. Although the divorce of the Clarkes is widely recognized as the first in American history, according to many historians, the first divorce in America was issued to Mrs. James Luxford on December 3, 1639, for bigamy. The court also sentenced the spouse to a fine and an hour in the stocks as part of its criminal punishment, exile in England as well.

Given recent statistics on divorce and separation, it has been determined that

  • 12% of marriage failures are directly caused by in-laws
  • According to 37% of married adults, Money pressures their relationship the most.
  • 60% of people in troubled relationships make a divorce plan in advance, Frequently out of concern for their kids or parents.

Why January is considered to be the season of divorce

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the annual low for divorce filing is reached. The holidays are the time of year when people are most willing to set. Aside from differences and focusing on family, no one wants to be perceived as the one who wrecked Christmas by calling it quits over the holidays. However, beginning in January, divorce lawyers and online divorce service providers noticed a sharp increase in the number of persons considering divorce. It’s common for people to change for the better, and for those in toxic relationships, that typically means deciding to leave. So it should come as no surprise that January is now referred to be” Divorce Month”.

national divorce day in us

Your marital status on December 31 remains your marital status for the entire year when it comes to submitting your income taxes. In other words, delaying a divorce filing until after the end of the current tax year enables spouses who choose to file people in America to wait until after the New Year to file for divorce so they may use their tax refunds to pay for divorce-related costs including legal fees, products for doing it yourself divorce, and divorce filing fees levied by the court clerk’s office when the case is filed.

It is feasible to identify the months that people look u terms connected to divorce online most frequently by studying internet data. According to the data, the increase starts in January and lasts through march.

According to a University of Washington study from 2016, divorce filings also peak in august, similar to how they do in march. A similar attitude exists during the summer, just as people wait until after the winter holidays to file. Filing once the kids return to school from their annual summer breaks makes logical. The shift can take place before the strain of the new school year begins, but the family gets one more celebration. Data from Divorcewriter also gets one more celebration. Data Divorcewriter also reveals a slight spike in July and August, in addition to a higher number of persons conducting divorce searches in February and March.

There are many more reasons to celebrate January as a divorce Mother month.

For Example:-

  • During the holidays, a lot of Money is spent on travel and gifts. People frequently end up short on Money come January due to this. A lack of resources may limit one’s opportunities and send possibilities for relationships.
  • Depression is more prevalent when there is less sunlight. At Christmas, many people overspend, but reality sets in January. Guilt strikes as credit card bills are received.


In America, National Divorce Day has different recognition for different people. All the above information is just a little summary. I hope this will work for you.

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