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Newington’s Berlin Turnpike Was Shot at Twice

According to authorities, two persons were shot inside an O’Reilly’s store in Newington along the Berlin Turnpike. The male and female adult victims were taken to the hospital. Their current state is unknown. Both casualties are O’Reilly’s store employees.

Three hours after the shooting, the suspect was apprehended on Coronado Drive in Newington, according to the police. No customers suffered any harm. The incident is being looked into by the Newington Police Major Crimes Unit.

Two O’Reilly Auto Parts employees were shot late Sunday night on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington; police are looking into the incident. The shooting happened right before six o’clock. Man dies in Waterbury after falling off ATV while driving

Man and woman victims were both taken to a hospital in Hartford. Their health status is still unknown. One is in critical condition, according to a police source with knowledge of the incident. As a result of neighbors calling to report a suspicious person, police claimed an arrest was made just before 9 o’clock.

The individual was not armed when he was taken into custody, according to the police. Part of Route 5 was shut down while the inquiry was ongoing. The car store is situated where Pane Road and the Berlin Turnpike converge. The investigation is being conducted by the Connecticut State Police, Newington, Hartford, and West Hartford police. Drones and K9 units were employed. This narrative is evolving. Return for updates.

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