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Nick Cannon Discusses Fatherhood With Kevin Hart

If it wasn’t clear from his baby boom, Nick Cannon adores being a father. The TV presenter and comedian Kevin Hart recently spoke on their chat show “Hart to Hart” about the rewards and challenges of fatherhood. Despite being able to make fun of himself, Cannon insisted that parenthood was a significant aspect of his life’s work.

“Don’t put me on the spot,” he chuckled. “Dammit, I like kids.” Although Cannon has 11 children and is currently expecting a 12th, he still finds aspects of parenting surprising. Monroe and Moroccan, the twins he and Mariah Carey share at age 11, will soon be preteens, and Cannon stated, “Damn, I didn’t know that was going to turn into that and watch a legacy come out of that.”

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Cannon also offered an essential lesson he’s learned: enormous responsibility comes with leaving a lasting legacy. The ability to claim that “I can affect so much” comes from becoming a father, he claimed. Cannon continued by expressing his goal to use his position of power wisely by encouraging his children to embrace their status as works-in-progress while being true to who they are.

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“Now I have to be a man enough to stand firm in who I am so that I can be an example to them,” Cannon added. “I’ll never attempt to do it correctly. I’ll never strive to set the bar so high. He continued, I’m not aiming to be a role model because that is something you play. We’re merely trying to be real, “real models.”


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