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Why is Nicole Walters Getting Divorce From Her Husband? Everything You Want to Know About “Nicole Walters Divorce”

Nana Abena Kobi Forson is known as Nicole Walters. She was born on 6 November 1985, In Ghanaian America. Who are an entrepreneur, philanthropists, and television personalities.  Nicole Walter has been married to Josh Walter, an English professional rugby league footballer. Here we try to learn about the story of “Nicole Walters’s Divorce.”

Who is Nicole Walter?

Nicole Walter is a Ghanaian American Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Television personality. she was born on 6 November 1985. In Washington D.C., U.S. Now she is the founder and Owner of Inherit learning Company LLC, Which works to Help businessmen grow their businesses. Nicole has a lot of knowledge about Business. Forbes Magazine has featured her. She is best known for her work ideas in business consulting, which also focuses on money strategy and exploiting social capital.

Once, she quit her six-digit salary in front of 10,000 people, where she works as an executive for a medical services company. Because she proved that she is not running for money she went viral. Nicole has a piece of excellent knowledge and a deep understanding of equity, How to utilize money. Nicole has the ability to make a brand based on the power of family.


More details about Nicole

Born                      Nana Abena Kobi Forson, 6 November 1985 at Washington DC, U.S

Citizenship             United States of America

Alma mater            The College of William and marry

Nationality               Ghananian American

Organization           Inherit Learning

Occupation              Television personality, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Title                         Founder and Owner

Spouse                    Josh Walters

Children                  3

Nicole’s Personal life

As per the information, Nicole is married. Josh Walter is her husband. He was born on 23 December 1994, and Professionally he is an English Rugby League Footballer who lays as a second-row forward for London Broncos in the Betfred Championship. He is from Guildford, Surrey, England.

Nicole and Josh don’t have their own kids. Once they both were walking on the road where they both saw a poor lady who is begging on road with her three daughters. Later both of them know about them. They were living a life full of troubles. Therefore Nicole and Josh take the decision to take care of the lady’s three daughters. Later they took her daughters with them when their biological mother agreed to that. Later they both adopted them legally in 2015.

Now Nicole and Josh have a happy family of five which both include their three adopted daughters. Their names are respectively Ally, who is known as “Little Tiny”, Krissy, who is called “Mid Tiny”, and Daya, who is also known as “Big Tiny”.

Here we try to get all information about “Nicole Walters Divorce”.

nicole walters divorce

Why Nicole and Josh are having a divorce?

No, not at all. It’s not true that Nicole and Josh both are getting a divorce. From the sources, we find a little bit of information about them. They both are happy in their relationship. In a statement by Nicole Walter, she said that When they both marry each other after two years they even think of separation. Because there are a lot of arguments started between both of them.

Besides this, they both have a deep understanding of each other. That’s why they never think again about getting a divorce. In the end, they both are still together. At last, this is clear that the story about Nicole and Josh’s divorce is just a rumor nothing else.

Some more details about Nicole

Nicole revealed her early life in front of the media. She said her father was a cab driver who is an immigrant. They have faced a lot of struggles in her past life but their father never kept him back. She also said, he did extra shifts to appear to me in the best school in the state and he always teach me about the value of hard work.

“If you don’t chase an opportunity, nobody’s going to chase it for you”

Later facing a lot of success and keeping inside her father’s thoughts just at the age of 28 she became a top-selling executive at fortune 500s. And she also handled multibillion-dollar business relationships for an S&P international healthcare organization.

Where we are right now in the world, more than anything, people really want to see families that look different, families that are made up in diverse and inclusive ways,” Nicole says.

It was definitely a change of pace for us,” Josh adds about the family’s reaction to being on TV.


From all this information now it is confirmed that Nicole Walter and Josh Walter are still together, they loved each other and they were living a happy life with a happy family. it is clear that the story of the divorce of Nicole and Josh was just a rumor.

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