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Nikita Dragun Net worth: Career, Family& More!

Nikita Dragun is an American YouTuber, make-up artist, and model who formerly went by the stage name Nikita Nguyen. She is also known simply as Nikita Dragun. As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Nikita Dragun will have a net worth of three million dollars. Her appearance in the popular web series Escapes the Night is largely responsible for bringing her to the spotlight and establishing her as a recognizable figure.

Nikita Dragun

In addition to this, she is famous for the role that she portrayed in the legendary television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She received a lot of attention as a result of playing this character. In addition to this, many people recognize her from her appearance in the music video titled “Heart to Break,” which went viral earlier this year.

Nikita Dragun Wiki

Nikita Dragun was born on the 31st of January in 1996, making her age 26 as of the year 2022. This makes her the age of Nikita Dragun. She was raised in a family that was already well-established in the city of Brussels, Belgium, where she was born and raised after her birth.

Brussels is located in Western Europe. She is a Christian by profession and also holds American citizenship, despite the fact that her country of origin is the United States. Nicholas Nguyen was the name that was given to her at birth despite the fact that she was conceived as a man.

She received all of her early education at West Springfield High School, which is situated in Virginia, United States, and she went on to earn her diploma from that institution. After that, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to advance her education by enrolling at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, which is found in the U.S. state of California.

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There, she completed the requirements for her degree in Business. Since she was a small child, she has always had the desire to pursue a career in one of the creative industries, and she has always had an interest in the fashion industry as well as an interest in the marketing of various media outlets.

Both Nikita Dragun’s mother and father go by the name Mr. Nguyen, but Nikita’s mother is more commonly referred to as Mrs. Nguyen. While Mr. Nguyen is employed in the business sector, Mrs. Nguyen chooses to remain at home in order to care for their family.

Nikita Dragun Net worth

Nikita Dragun Net worth Career, Family& More!

Nikita Dragun net worth: Nikita Dragun is a $3 million net worth Belgian American social media star, cosmetics artist, and model. Her YouTube channel is her most well-known. Nikita Dragun was born in January 1996 in Belgium. From 2018 to 2019, she portrayed The Troublemaker on the television series Escape the Night. Dragun appeared in the 2020 series Nikita Unfiltered.

Nikita Dragun Family

In addition, she is one of three children; the names of her siblings are Vincarlo Nguyen, Allegra Nguyen Capri, and Taliah Nguyen Marriott. Taliah Nguyen Marriott is the only sister in the family. The name Vincarlo Nguyen belongs to her brother.

Nikita Dragun’s marital status is unmarried. At the same time that she was seeing Michael Yerger, she was also in a relationship with Oscar Utierre, who is well-known in the fashion business. During this period, she was also dating Michael Yerger. Both of those relationships came to an end. She has recently begun seeing Chase Stobbe in the role of her boyfriend.

Aspects Of The Body

In addition to her amazing good looks and great heat, Nikita Dragun is a young lady who possesses a personality that is charming and engaging to all around her. She has an alluring body shape, alluring body dimensions, and a perfectly shaped slender body type. Her figure is sexy and curvy. Her figure is both alluring and voluptuous. The length, width, and height of her figure are approximately 32, 25, and 38 inches, respectively.

She has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches, and she weighs approximately 50 kg. Her bodily measurements are as follows: She has gorgeous brown hair that is long and shiny, and she also has blazing brown eyes that are wonderful and fascinating. Both of these features contribute to her overall allure. Her hair is a gorgeous shade of brown all over. In addition to that, she has four lovely tattoos that decorate her body.

Nikita Dragun Career

Nikita Dragun’s professional career as a content creator for YouTube got off to an auspicious start in the year 2013. She started a YouTube channel on which she provided amazing make-up lessons and videos offering beauty tips, and the channel gained a lot of popularity on the internet very fast after it was founded.

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She was able to secure a number of business endorsements and sponsorships on her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram account as a direct result of the growing popularity of her brand. She revealed that she was a transgender person in 2015, after which many people commended her for making such a courageous choice, and as a direct result of her coming out, she received an extraordinary amount of celebrity on the internet.

After that, she launched her career as a model, making her debut in advertising for well-known brands like Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In the year 2018, she made her debut in the acting world with a role that she played in the web series titled Escape the Night, which is a mystery. After that, during the course of the same year, she appeared in music videos such as “Heart to Break” and “That Bih.” Her career as an actress is just getting off the ground.


Nikita Dragun got herself into problems in the year 2020 when she held a birthday party at the Hype House house for her close friend and popular YouTuber Larry. The celebration was for Larry’s 18th birthday. A very large number of individuals participated in the celebration that was held. There were a total of 67 famous people present at the party, some of whom were well-known individuals from the internet.

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