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North Carolina Police Have Prosecuted a mother and Her Boyfriend After Her Kid Died in a Bathtub Incident

Police in North Carolina claims they arrested a woman and her boyfriend after they put a youngster under the age of 12 in a laundry dryer. According to Burlington Police Sgt. Jennifer Matherly, the youngster received minor injuries and was released to relatives after officers investigated the situation on Friday.

According to Matherly, the child’s mother, Heather Rowland, 25, is charged with misdemeanor child abuse, and her boyfriend, 37-year-old Eric Chambers, is charged with assault on a child under the age of 12. A shooting accident killed their mother and maimed their youngest sister, leaving five youngsters motherless.

According to authorities in Cornelius, North Carolina, the 25-year-old mother was at home with her children when she was fatally shot. According to police, the woman was ‘inadvertently shot,’ most likely after her children discovered the revolver in her purse. Her youngest child was also shot and is recovering from minor injuries. The mother was murdered.

North Carolina Police

Cornelius police said they discovered the mother deceased in her apartment’s back bedroom Monday evening. A tiny semi-automatic weapon was located on the bed in the room where the mother was discovered, and four of her children were in the room with her at the time of the incident, according to authorities.

According to investigators, the oldest was in the living room. The youngest child, who had been shot as well, was brought to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Cornelius police stated they will not publicize any of the children’s names, ages, or identifying information because the case involves children.

The occurrence is not unusual; minors gaining access to firearms is especially harmful due to their impressionability and exposure to media violence. According to a 2019 study, locking away their guns at home could save up to one-third of gun suicides and unintentional deaths among children and teens.

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