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Cancellation of the bail hearing for the suspect in the Nutt’s Pond murder

October 19— Homicide prosecutors reported in recent court files that the 75-year-old Army veteran killed on a walking route in south Manchester a month ago had around 25 knife wounds in his body. The death occurred on the walking path.

During the incident on September 2, which took place on the walking path that skirts Nutt’s Pond and Precourt Park off South Willow Street, Daniel Whitmore was stabbed multiple times, including in the chest, the back, the left arm, and the right hand, according to the documents. The attack took place.

In the meantime, a court appearance for the suspect in the case, a former resident of Mississippi named Raymond Moore, 41, was a bust on Tuesday afternoon. Moore met in a sealed courtroom with his public defenders and Superior Court Judge Will Delker. The meeting was unsuccessful.

After the discussion, the public defenders quickly left the courthouse, and the prosecutor for the homicide case, Scott Chase, told the press to wait for court filings in the coming days.

Shellie Whitmore, Whitmore’s daughter, who traveled in from Florida this week to attend the hearing on Tuesday and inter her father’s ashes on Thursday, expressed her extreme dissatisfaction by saying, “I’m beyond upset.” “I think we are not given anything, not even a glimpse of his face. It is entirely within his rights, “she shared with the press.

The funeral service for Whitmore, a veteran of the Vietnam War, will take place on Thursday at noon at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery.

Nutt's Pond murder
Nutt’s Pond murder

The murder of Whitmore has prompted a vigorous round of criticism regarding the leniency of bail laws. Moore was arrested twice for violent acts last summer, once in Nashua and once in Manchester, but both times he was released on bail. This has led Mayor Joyce Craig to complain about the situation.

At the time of Whitmore’s murder, Moore lived on the streets. On Tuesday, he was supposed to show up at the Hillsborough County Superior Court for a hearing to defend his continued incarceration without the possibility of bail. Read more: Sparkhill Baby Death: a Man Has Been Detained in Connection With the Death of a 3-week-old Child

The prosecution was planning to call a police detective as a witness. They also intended to present photographs as evidence. Because the photographs were designed to be so graphic, they requested that the judge prohibit any news organizations or other individuals from copying or reproducing the photographs.

However, Moore’s attorneys requested a private discussion with the judge before their client could enter the courtroom. Within minutes, bailiffs from the courtroom were cleaning it up in preparation for a personal hearing with Moore, the two public defenders, and Delker. At one point, a reporter observed Moore, dressed in orange jail garb, standing and rapidly gesturing while his public defenders sat by his side. This took place through a piece of a door that was made of glass. Read more: East Kent Hospital Baby Deaths: Reviewing Past Failures in Respect to Death Rates

Robert Swales, the public defender, has stated that he will not comment further on the hearing. According to the prosecutor for the homicide case, Scott Chase, public defenders will likely file some paperwork within the next several days.

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