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One Person Was Murdered and Two Others Were Injured in an I-30 Incident; Eastbound Lanes Near I-45 Are Closed

After a major collision that occurred on I-30 this morning, one person was pronounced deceased, and two others were taken to the hospital. When deputies arrived on the site at approximately seven in the morning, they discovered a collision that included three vehicles: a truck tractor pulling a flatbed trailer carrying concrete materials, another vehicle, and a third vehicle.

According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, the crash resulted in the death of one individual, and two additional people were transported to a hospital in uncertain condition. They did not disclose which car the fatality occurred in when they made their statement.

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Due to debris that was spread all over the roadway, the eastbound portion of I-30 has been closed, and traffic has been rerouted to the I-45 exit. Even though cleanup efforts are currently underway, it is anticipated that the route will be closed for a considerable amount of time. The area is experiencing an increasing number of backups. Read further here about the potential for traffic problems.

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