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One Simple Question Season 2 Release Date – Latest News

Italian reality shows Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question, directed by Bellone and Consonni, launched March 18, 2022, exclusively on Netflix in the United States. Alessandro Cattelan is a character in the show who is on a quest to discover the secret to happiness. He gets his answers via talking to famous people and having exceptional encounters with them. Six 30-minute episodes make up the series’ planned framework as a discussion show.

Alessandro Cattelan, an Italian television and radio host, embarks on a magnificent trip to discover what happiness is. Moving and thought-provoking experiences with the celebrity visitors that accompany him on the trip. This type of show appeals to a wide audience since it helps viewers gain a new perspective on the world.

This type of series is a great way to receive answers to our questions because we don’t have the time to search for them ourselves, but we still like it because it’s convenient. To attract more viewers, talk shows like Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question brings in guests like Paolo Sorrentino and Roberto Baggio, both of whom have appeared on other talk shows in the past.

Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question Season 2 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t verified the announcement, but some unnamed sources say the show will return for a second season on March 17th, 2023. Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question has yet to establish its popularity since its premiere on March 18, so we won’t know for sure if it’s true until a few months down the road when Netflix decides whether or not to renew the series. Fans will have to wait a few months before learning if the show will be renewed.


Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question Season 1 Release Date March 18, 2022
Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question Season 2 Release Date March 17, 2023 (Not Confirmed)
Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question Season 2 Release Date

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Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question Season 2 Story

How do you discover happiness? was the first episode of the series. When it comes to a happy existence, this raises the fundamental question. Alessandro’s first visitor is soccer icon Roberto Baggio, who is a Buddhist and collects one-of-a-kind artifacts for his collection. It is clear that he has a strong belief in Buddhism, which he discusses in great detail, and he also relates his own experience of discovering true pleasure through Buddhism.

Both of them then go to the next scene, in which he shows Alessandro about his house and his collection of wooden ducks and geese. He also tells Alessandro and the audience heartwarming tales about each piece in his collection. In the first episode, we also get to observe Alessandro talking with a psychiatrist, Giorgio Piccinino, in a neighborhood pub.

An all-religious road trip is the topic of the second episode of Alessandro’s life on the show. Alessandro, they share their personal stories and religious convictions. Paolo Sorrentino, the Oscar-winning director, joins Alessandro for a chat in the same episode. Can you find joy even while you’re going through a lot of hardship? Gianluca Vialli, an ex-soccer player, discusses his battle with pancreatic cancer with Alessandro and reveals his thoughts on death to the audience.
While Cattelan meets some well-known figures from various fields in the final three episodes, the same pattern is repeated. The core of the series is rooted in an interest in discovering how people from diverse social backgrounds achieve fulfillment in their lives. All of them are asked different questions by Alessandro, who wants to know how they promote happiness in the tiniest of ways.

Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question Season 2 Cast

Alessandro Cattelan can repeat his role as the show’s presenter if Netflix agrees to renew the program for a second season. Guests from the world of show business, such as soccer legend Roberto Baggio, filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, former soccer player Gianluca Vialli, comedian Geppi Cucciari, and happiness expert Mo Gawdat, appeared in season 1. If the second season follows in the footsteps of season 1, viewers can expect to see many more high-profile celebrities appear.

Where To Watch Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question?

The series is exclusively streaming on Netflix, viewers can stream season 1 of the series on Netflix itself.

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