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Only Successful “Triple Threat” Candidate Wants to Address Congress with Her Border Patrol Message

After a shocking change of circumstances that ended their aspirations of traveling to Washington together, three Texas Latinas who had intended to form the Republican equivalent of the Democratic “Squad” split apart after the election.

With their pro-border security, pro-family, and pro-God platforms, the trio lost two elections in which they had hoped to win over Hispanic Democrats. The three South Texas contenders were Monica De La Cruz, Cassy Garcia, who graciously withdrew after losing, and Rep. Mayra Flores, who lost and launched an angry tirade at her supporters.

Going forward De La Cruz declared on Wednesday morning that her first term in Congress will see the continuation of her long-standing agenda on immigration reform and border security. She will focus on increasing funding for the Border Patrol in January.

It is now “to assist our heroic border guardsmen and women. They are lacking tools that are essential to their success, such as night vision goggles, “Harris Faulkner, a Fox News host, heard from De La Cruz. “For the men who guard our nation at night, they don’t even have enough night vision equipment. Simply said, that is unacceptable. I want to provide them with all the tools they require in order to safeguard all Americans.”

Garcia lost to Democratic incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar, while Flores lost to Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, making De La Cruz the lone victor (D). She was the only one of the trio to have received support from the late President Donald Trump.

De La Cruz declared victory in McAllen on Tuesday night, saying, “Only in this magnificent country can the granddaughter of a Mexican farm worker go from ironing shirts to get through college to become a member of Congress.” She also commended Michelle Vallejo, a Democrat, for having a successful campaign.

Flores accused Republicans and independents of failing to show up in her defense, which eventually cost the GOP the “red wave” it had hoped to experience in light of the border issue and inflation. In June, Flores won the election. Gonzalez, who decided to run in the Gulf Coast’s 34th Congressional District when redistricting made his 15th District more Republican-friendly, defeated her.

On Tuesday night, Garcia bowed out to Cuellar with dignity. Before the clock struck twelve, Garcia thanked her followers on Twitter and wrote, “Unfortunately, we came up short tonight.” Garcia continued, “I congratulate @CuellarCampaign on its victory.

Cuellar, however, did not return the favor and instead assaulted Garcia because of her Hispanic origin. Cuellar stated that Garcia will “have plenty of free time to audition for Narcos in the near future” in the since-deleted tweet. You might need to learn Spanish for that. Rosetta Stone is prepared to go!” Cuellar went on.

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