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Outlander Season 7: Everything We Know So Far!

Though Outlander’s sixth season wrapped out just a few weeks ago, fans are already looking forward to the upcoming seventh season.

What we do know is as follows:

Starz officially announced That Outlander Had Been Renewed For the 7th Season in March 2021.

#TakeTheLead, Starz’s #TakeTheLead initiative, is all about investing in “unapologetic, bold premium storytelling that amplifies diverse voices and spotlights women in front of and behind the camera,” said Christina Davis, President of Original Programming for Starz in a statement.

In addition to a strong female protagonist and an outstanding creative team, the smash-hit television series ‘Outlander’ epitomizes all we stand for. There will be more time travel and Revolutionary War adventures for Claire and Jamie in this upcoming season.

As Roberts put it, “We are very happy Starz has allowed us to continue the epic “Outlander” journey.”

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Season 7 Will Consist of Sixteen Episodes.

Outlander’s sixth season had to be truncated because of the epidemic. No need to be concerned, though, fans. Starz has announced a sixteen-episode “droughtlander” to make up for the lack of episodes in season seven.

In a statement, Outlander showrunner Matthew B. Roberts said, “We are delighted to get into the editing studio to work on bringing the viewers one step closer to rejoining with the family back on Fraser’s Ridge.” As a result, we decided to shorten the season to give our fans a bright and active season as soon as possible,” he said in a statement. Don’t worry, we’ll be filming a 16-episode season seven next year once normal life resumes.”

Executive producer Maril Davis even went so far as to describe the upcoming season as “supersized” in an interview with ET.

Production Recently Started.

Actor Sam Heughan shared the first photo from the set of season seven.

For World Outlander Day on June 2nd, both Heughan and Balfe are featured in a teaser video from the set of the show. During the video, Sophie Skelton said, “We are here working hard for you, on what is, I think, my favorite season yet.”

It’s a good thing that fans won’t have to wait long to see the finished result. Season 7 might begin airing as early as “late 2022/early 2023,” according to Deadline.

Sam Heughan, the show’s star, revealed on Watch What Happens Live that they are “about to go back and shoot season 7.”

The 7th Season Will be Based on the Book Echo in the Bone.

Fans should expect another exciting season of “Echo in the Bone,” according to showrunner Chris Roberts. “We can’t wait to get into the writer’s room and start breaking Echo in the Bone,” he said.

According to Diana Gabaldon’s website, the narrative is described as:

American, British and Canadian cities are all featured. The book’s cover image is a caltrop, which reflects the novel’s internal structure. As a child’s toy, it has sharp points that the Romans used to fend off bull elephants, and the Highway Patrol still uses it in its chase of criminals in cars. Jamie and Claire, Roger and Brianna (and their families), Lord John and William, and Young Ian all interact in the American Revolutionary War nexus, and all of them have sharp points. This book has four main storylines: (1777-1778/1972)
Is there anything you’d like to see? Here’s a hint:

Outlander New Season 7
Outlander New Season 7

Author Diana Gabaldon Wrote Part of the First Episode of Season 7.

Diana had already written a chunk of episode 609 before the sixth season was canceled. It was revealed by her on Twitter that “little pieces” of her writing are now “used in episode 701.”

The Main Cast is Set to Return for the 7th Season.

Among those returning to their roles are Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin (Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield, respectively).

Balfe Would Like to Try Her Hand at Directing the Show.

In season seven, it isn’t clear if that will be the case. The show has talked about it, and I’m going to do it now.” She told Vanity Fair that “it’s falling on deaf ears.”

She continued, “It would have been the perfect opportunity for me in a safe environment.” All of our camera crew is so close to me that they were always talking about the lenses they were using and the frames they were using, and they were always super helpful in giving me as much information as I needed. I’m so grateful for their help.” Though disappointing, I can do nothing about it.

Season 7 has Been in the Works For a While Now.

Executive producer Maril Davis discussed the show’s future at the Television Critics Association press tour in January 2019.

We’ll keep creating this till Claire and Jamie reach their 100th birthdays, Davis assured confidently. “Will we? Honestly? Many more books are to come. As long as we have the support of Sony and Starz, we’ll keep continuing, as long as the performers are willing.”

A separation of Starz was also hinted at by the network’s CEO Jeffrey Hirsch. “We believe the ‘Outlander’ universe has a lot of potential for story expansions, spinoffs, and sequels. “That’s something we’re still discussing with our Sony partners,” he said.

Diana Gabaldon’s Lord John Grey novellas have been requested by fans in the past for a spin-off series. Hirsch, on the other hand, was deliberately ambiguous when questioned about a possible Lord John TV show.

“We continue to discuss the Outlander storyline regularly. The fact that we’re aware of it tells us that “Er, he told ew A spokesperson for the network said, “We want to continue to serve that audience with the best stories we believe are out there.”

The seventh season of Outlander was viewed as “extremely optimistic” by the show’s creator, Ronald Moore, in early 2021. “Conversations [were] beginning on both season seven and a spinoff,” Moore said in an interview about his new arrangement with Disney.

“I’m optimistic because I believe we’ll hear good news on both fronts shortly. Everything happens at the right time, even if I had hoped it would have happened sooner. Perhaps we’ll be able to say anything about it before too long. I think both of those things are likely to happen.”

Outlander New Season 7 Trailer

YouTube video


If you are a fan of the series “Outlander New Season 7″ is a must-watch. The series is an entertainment & beautiful storyline that will make you go “Awwwwwww” while watching it (even if you don’t like this expression). Its high-quality graphics make it mesmerizing, with along animation effects. It will engage you for hours, so if you have not watched it yet, do watch it & let me know how much you like it in the comment section.

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