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Owner of Van Stolen in Wild Police Pursuit Says, “I Need That for Work.” He is Hopeful the Van is Still Drivable

The owner of a van that was stolen after a chaotic chase Wednesday through the counties of Orange and Los Angeles and left a trail of devastation says he hopes the car is still drivable. John Reynolds, the victim, told Chip Yost of KTLA that he and his family were having fun at Knott’s Berry Farm when the pursuit started.

Before fleeing the area, the suspect was observed in Anaheim jumping inside Reynold’s parked van and repeatedly driving the van into a police car. The suspect sped off with the van, setting off a chaotic high-speed chase that was captured on camera by Sky5.

Prior to receiving a call from the HOA manager at his apartment complex, Reynolds was unaware that his van had been taken. The suspect is apprehended after a pursuit across Los Angeles and Orange counties ends in a crash and gunfire.

One thought kept constantly repeating in his head as he watched the chaotic pursuit take place on live television: “What am I going to do about work tomorrow?” I need that for work,” he remarked, pointing to his broken van. I really hope it’s still functional.

Reynolds is a food distributor that provides fruit to convenience stores. Because convenience stores are open 24 hours a day, Reynolds said, “a lot of people rely on me because I have to make deliveries so they have things for their consumers.” “I’m currently scurrying,”

The suspect in the pursuit kept operating Reynolds’ van while he got unsettling real-time updates from the police on the progress of the pursuit. After a brief altercation with the residents and their dog, the guy left Reynolds’ van and stole a white pickup vehicle from a Whittier house.

On surface streets, the suspect drove on the wrong side of the road and at over 100 mph, colliding with automobiles. After multiple collisions, he eventually came to a stop at a gas station in Hacienda Heights and was brought into the jail. Reynolds is unaware of the entire degree of the van’s damage because it is still in police custody. Reynolds stated, “What’s important is that my wife and my kids are safe, and we thank God for that.

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