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Patch Notes for Smite: Is Good Season?

New Smite patch notes for the upcoming March upgrades have been confirmed.

The latest Smite updates will include a plethora of new skins and cosmetics. Fans will want to know about a lot of quality of life tweaks in the future 9.2 and 9.3 versions. And below, you can find the latest Smite patch notes shared by the Hi-Rez Team.

Smite is a free-to-play, third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


As part of Smite 9.2, these are the Gods who will gain new skins.

And these are the new Smite patch notes being shared for March 8:

New Skin Voice Actors

These Nerfs should be a significant decrease in damage for Mages, and with the Berserkers Shield rework in the main patch we will see a significant damage reduction from them as well, the two biggest sources of frustration in SMITE right now.


SPEAR OF THE MAGUS: Mages had a difficult season last year. All of the main penetration items received a stat boost in the 9.1 Update, making it one of the most significant upgrades the class has had in a long time. Early flat pen provides a large damage boost, with each point being significantly more powerful than Magical Power. As a result, we’re confident in fine-tuning the figures even further. These items won’t deliver stats in clear increments of 5, but this unique in-between should lower the class’s early damage down without returning to last year’s issues.


CELESTIAL LEGION HELM: Another nerf for Mages comes in the form of this hybrid gear, which provides them a leg up against Junglers, especially early on. We want Mages to be able to itemise in multiple ways depending on the situation, but the recent Power buff to this item is proving to be a little too much, so we’re dialling it back to a level that’s halfway between the current and prior state.

Magical Power has been reduced from 90 to 80

SEER OF THE JUNGLE: Wards win games! Having the ability to take outwards is thus a more potent means to win the game. This item has quickly become the most popular in the Jungle, and with good cause. Because the passive has an internal cooldown that might cause some cumbersome scenarios, we’re removing it while also nerfing those stats to keep other Jungle Starters in a tight race with Seer.

BELT OF THE BERSERKER: This Relic’s purchase rate has skyrocketed, especially at higher skill levels. Frenzy Relics have shown to be fairly effective over the years, despite their reputation as a more fringe approach. We’re nerfing the more potent of the two Relics in this tree now that players have finally seen the light.


ZEUS: Do you know what year it is?! Zeus is in desperate need of a nerf. His most recent update, which increased his Attack Speed and Movement Speed, had a major influence on this god, catapulting him from meme god to first-round choice in the SPL! We’re happy with the gameplay experience and well-rounded combat he got from this recent upgrade, so we’ll nerf other areas of his kit instead. Zeus has always had a lot of burst damage, but he’s starting to rely on it less.

Detonates’ base damage is being reduced at all ranks to reduce the god of gods’ power.

explosion charge

SOL: This Mage ADC keeps putting up high-ranked win-rates while also being a top pick and ban. Sol’s basic attacks have a considerable damage boost thanks to her passive, and she can apply a lot of pressure with them. This passive increases with time but also delivers a significant boost when maxed out, which is the part we’ve chosen to reduce. This will level out her power curve and reduce her top-end damage, which will help her deal with towers and jungle bosses.



IZANAMI: With new early game objectives, the insta clear hunter is clearly performing well in this new season. Izanami is seeing more professional action than she has in the past, with an emphasis on the early pressure she can give. We’re nerfing this from level 1 by lowering her base Power and Attack Speed, which will have a minor effect but should slow her down.


SHIVA: There have been enough destroyer jokes on social media to fill a hundred patch notes, but the sentiment is true, and Shiva is killing the competition. Shiva possesses a great deal of versatility, making him suitable for a variety of roles. To keep him adaptable while reducing his overall potency, we’re hitting both his survivability and scaling damage.




GILGAMESH: The King is still alive. Gilgamesh is still a top Jungler, and he’s getting damage scaling nerfs to compensate. The potential of this deity returning to Solo Lane is beginning to emerge, which is quite thrilling. Hopefully, by removing him from the jungle via damage nerfs, his utility will still shine in other roles.



BASTET: What is the number of life we have left? Bastet has been nerfed a few times, with visible impacts each time. Like Zeus, her newfound utility makes her historically big burst damage feel blatantly overtuned. We’re nerfing this goddess’s damage by a big amount, which should put her in a better position.


FENRIR: Into the next season, the greatest Assassin Support remained a top selection in competitive play. His Ultimate gives him a great deal of resilience as well as a strong and long-lasting form of crowd control. We’re changing the protection boost from a multiplier to a flat value, which will reduce the benefit of constructing a full tank, as well as reducing the duration of his Ult form and the duration of the CC. We’ll keep an eye on this god and perhaps give him more buffs in the future to help him return to his former role as a Jungler.


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