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Paula Overby Has Passed Away: Former 2nd District Candidate for the Legal Marijuana Now Party

Family members have confirmed that Paula Overby has passed away, the Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District against incumbent Democrat Angie Craig and incumbent Republican Tyler Kistner. In a statement to WCCO, Overby’s son said his mother passed away on Wednesday due to heart problems.

Paula Overby Has Passed Away

Overby’s website highlights her beliefs, which include a stance against war, an end to “corporate profiteering” in American healthcare, and a revitalization of the American working class. Nonpartisan polling has shown that the rematch between incumbent Craig and Kistner in California’s 2nd Congressional District is one of the closest races in the country. People all throughout the country are paying attention to it. If a candidate for statewide office in Minnesota dies within 79 days of the general election, the office must be filled at a special election held in accordance with the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, which state that “the general election ballot shall remain unchanged, but the county and state canvassing boards must not certify the vote totals for that office from the general election.”

Voting takes place on November 8. Regarding the 2nd District election, the future seems murky. Adam Weeks, a candidate for the 2nd District Legal Marijuana Party Now, passed away just days before the election two years ago. Craig filed a lawsuit asking the courts to allow the contest to continue in the November election after it was previously postponed until February. Since the judge decided in Craig’s favour, she was able to win the election in November. The election was postponed despite Kistner’s best efforts, but he lost his appeal.

Paula Overby’s death is met with shock and grief by Craig and Kistner

Rep. Angie Craig, the incumbent, and Tyler Kistner, the Republican contender, have both issued statements in response to Paula Overby’s death. Craig expressed his and Cheryl’s sorrow for the loss of Paula Overby, saying, “We were heartbroken to hear of Paula’s demise this morning.” Her contributions to Minnesota’s culture and society have made the state stronger, yet she will be sorely missed. “The Second Legislative District in Minnesota has suffered a great loss today. Paula Overby was very concerned with the welfare of our state and the values she held dear. The opportunity to get to know Paula over the campaign was a privilege. I am keeping Paula’s loved ones in my prayers at this time “Quote from Kistner. For the next 48 hours, including today’s press conference at the Minnesota State Capitol, my campaign will be suspending all public engagements out of respect for the Overby family. The chairman of the DFL party in Minnesota, Ken Martin, also issued a statement. “I was stunned and grieved to learn of the tragic demise of Paula Overby,” Martin remarked. “To Paula’s friends, family, and loved ones: my heartfelt condolences. I wish that remembering Paula’s zeal and resolve would help ease their pain.”

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