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Pedro Jimeno Files for Divorce From Chantel Everett, Both File Restraining Order!

A couple from The Family, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno As couple, Chantel has broken up. On May 27th, Pedro, as evidenced by divorce papers, petitioned the court to dissolve his marriage. A mutual restraining order was also filed that day.

The couple’s marriage has been openly flailing on the TLC show. The Family Chantel is an offshoot of the popular 90 Day Fiancé. Only one pair is featured for the entirety of the story. Since its June launch, the show has primarily focused on the couple’s fights and marriage problems.

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What Happened Between Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno?

Issues between Everett and Jimeno have been noticeable from the season’s debut. They’ve engaged in multiple yelling confrontations with one another. Besides that, the pair hasn’t been shy about sharing their doubts and criticisms of one another.

Jimeno had said that Everett was too sluggish and self-centered, but Everett was worried about Jimeno’s relationships with the women at work. After five years of marriage, Everett worries that Jimeno is no longer interested in or concerned about his wife.

Jimeno is spotted spending time with his coworkers rather than with his wife. Jimeno responded to claims that his wife was excluded from activities by saying, “Most of the time, I invite her [and] she say the same thing all the time, ‘I don’t like them, I don’t like spending time with them.”

Everett, however, seems to disagree with the remark, as he simultaneously posted a story with the word “lie” scrawled on it.

Support For Everett

The pair came to see that remaining together wasn’t necessarily the best option. They were seen in a preview having separation talks. It left their admirers wondering if the couple was indeed together.

When followers realized Everett was no longer wearing her wedding band in her Instagram photos, rumors of a breakup spread like a wildfire.

After posting a photo of a delicious meal with the comment “Cooking after a 12-hour shift at the hospital for a man who doesn’t come home,” Everett erased the photo. Fans sided with Everett when she responded to a comment by saying she hadn’t realized Everett hadn’t liked her photos in over a year and a half.

Pedro and Chantel Divorce Fake

Is It Fake?

Many have speculated that it’s all an elaborate hoax designed to boost page views. This is because old photos of Jimeno with his half-siblings appeared on the internet, revealing that he had lied to fans about being astonished to learn of their existence.

It’s common practice for reality shows to exaggerate dramatic moments to shock viewers and hold their attention. The tension between Everett and Jimeno appears to be genuine, as many had speculated it might be.

Exactly what transpired between them to warrant restraining orders and divorce is a mystery. In subsequent episodes, the truth will likely be revealed to viewers. Every Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, TLC airs brand new episodes of The Chantel Family.

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