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Pedro’s Shakiest Post-Divorce Instagram Moments: The Family Chantel

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno’s divorce is not amicable. Though Pedro often looks unbothered, The Family Chantel followers also unearth dubious moments. The Family of Chantel Pedro Jimeno appears concerned. Pedro and Chantel Jimeno’s nasty divorce is still going on, and Pedro has shared some caustic moments with The Family Chantel followers despite trying to act unconcerned.

Chantel’s ex-husband filed for divorce after the couple married on 90 Day Fiancé season 4. Since then, the former couple’s relationship has become increasingly strained, and Pedro appears openly angry despite the fact that he was solely responsible for the marriage’s demise.

Pedro's Shakiest Post-Divorce

Chantel and Pedro have had troubles over the years, but they have primarily been with each other’s families. Pedro was deemed a user by Chantel’s parents, who consequently made his life in America unpleasant. Eventually, he was adopted into her family and treated with love and respect. Meanwhile, Pedro’s mother and sister never accepted Chantel. The two ladies remained opposed to the marriage, while Pedro’s sister actively attempted to split the pair apart several times over the years.

The end of Chantel and Pedro’s marriage was fairly one-sided, with Pedro entirely dropping out while Chantel sought to mend things. This resulted in a distraught Chantel attempting to reclaim her spouse while Pedro stayed out until late hours and did not inform Chantel of his whereabouts before returning home inebriated in the early morning. Pedro plainly lost all interest in Chantel while she battled to keep the relationship alive. Pedro, on the other hand, hasn’t stopped being nasty about Chantel after their breakup.

Pedro stated unequivocally that he was no longer interested in Chantel. He hadn’t had sex with her in the previous year of their marriage and was suspected of cheating. As a result, many spectators assumed he wouldn’t care who Chantel ended up with. Pedro, on the other hand, was exceedingly sneaky when reports spread that the rapper Drake was hitting on Chantel. Pedro created a narrative called “Good Luck With” and used Drake’s song “HYFR (Hell Ya F***ing Right) (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne.”

Pedro Endangers Exposure

Pedro Jimeno of the Chantel family at the gym. Pedro clapped back with unsavory comments near the start of the divorce. When rumors about the breakup began to circulate, Pedro promised to launch his own podcast in which he would reveal the truth. However, after several weeks, viewers finally heard that Chantel claimed Pedro cheated on her and assaulted her. Because it doesn’t appear that Chantel did anything wrong, Pedro’s statements were out as meaningless threats to The Family Chantel’s followers.

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