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Performer at Universal Studios Hollywood Hospitalized After Waterworld Stunt Accident

Following a Waterworld stunt accident that occurred on the set of the WaterWorld show at Universal Studios Hollywood, a performer at the theme park is still being treated in the hospital. A spokeswoman for Universal Studios Hollywood stated that the incident took place on Monday afternoon during a performance at the theme park. Initial reports indicated that someone may have drowned.

A spokeswoman for the organization stated, “Our thoughts are with him as he receives care.” “An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the event is currently underway.” Daisy Anguiano, who was among the audience members watching the performance, reported that the artist was perched atop one of the towers and, as part of the act, dropped into the pool below.

She recalls thinking, “Oh my God, something or someone might be drowning. It might be the person that just did the drop. Did something happen?” “I was like, ‘Oh my God, something or someone might be drowning.'” Anguiano was able to photograph the exciting moment on her cell phone, and she stated that it took place at the portion of the show in which the antagonist is set on fire and then falls into the sea right before the big finale.

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“There were no empty seats; it was as though it took place in front of the entire audience,” she claimed. Anguiano stated that she witnessed a member of the cast frantically running to retrieve a life preserver. In her video, many persons can be seen dragging the singer off-camera to a location behind the scenes.

“Everyone in the staff and the crew are doing this together not allowing this person to die,” she stated Anguiano. “Everyone in the staff and the crew are doing this together.” “He was unconscious as they pulled him from the water,” said the doctor.

The event was ultimately called off, and everyone was asked to leave the venue. Anguiano, who stated that she visits Universal Studios Hollywood every Monday, stated that she never expected something so horrible to occur while watching her preferred performance and that she was shocked by the event.

She remarked, “The concept of them getting wounded is so low because they’ve done it for such a long time.” “The thought of them getting injured is so low.” It is currently unknown what condition the performer is in.

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