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Pinocchio: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More Details!

In the last few years, Disney has made new versions of many of its old animated films. No matter how much people complain about these remakes, they still make a lot of money, so Disney will keep making them. Disney is making a new version of its 1940 animated classic Pinocchio, which is about a wooden puppet who turns into a real boy. Even though this story has been turned into movies many times, including two with Italian comedian Roberto Benigni, Disney’s version is directed by the legendary Robert Zemeckis and based on a script he wrote with About A Boy writer Chris Weitz.

If any of this sounds interesting, here’s a complete, easy-to-read guide that will answer all your questions about the new Pinocchio. It will tell you when it comes out, who’s in the cast, and how it’s different from another upcoming Pinocchio movie from Guillermo del Toro and Netflix.

When and Where Will Pinocchio Be Released?


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