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5 Sites Like Playphrase!

Using Playphrase, anyone can go and enjoy the world of cinema from the comfort of their computers, laptops, and smartphones. Playphraseme’s primary goal is to help users learn English by providing them with video snippets handpicked by the service (get according to the word you search for). It’s a simple way to improve your English listening and learning abilities.

Create a personalized playlist by searching for frequent phrases in English (save interesting words and phrases instantly for studying and learning). In this section, you’ll find a selection of the greatest alternatives to Playphrase.

Playlists can be listened to through headphones, even if the screen is locked. After downloading the playlists to your devices, you can listen to them whenever you don’t have access to the internet. Use snippets from movies and TV shows to teach your brain how to read and speak English.

Table of Contents


  • Search for phrases
  • Auto-generated playlists
  • Offline listening
  • Learn phrases from TV series
  • Download playlists

Alternatives to Playphrase

1. Comb.io


Comb.io is one of the most specialized search engines for TV series, and you can get started by entering your chosen quotes. With just a few words and a few quotations, Comb.io provides you with all you need. A simple search box allows users to type in their most likely quotes from TV shows and press the enter button to begin. Find the number of words and quotes you want from TV shows, and then have access to the most exclusive dialogues from them. You’re able to…

2. Yarn. co

Yarn. co enables you to search for video clips based on phrases and words from movies, television episodes, music clips, and other sources. When it comes to categories like “Hot,” “App,” “Quizzers,” “memes,” “Emoji,” and “Stories,” Yarn. co has a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for a video or a gif, you may enter your desired term or word in the search bar and obtain relevant results. Explore everyday material to find fresh clips, phrases, etc.

3. Clash. me

Users can create messages using audio samples linked from popular and trending TV, movies, music, viral YouTube videos, historical speeches, and all forms of visual content on Clash. me. Yours most frequently used phrases and clips can be easily added to a Clash. me button thanks to a developing database. The clips can be added and played at random or even in order with the push of a button. Clash. I direct you to a variety of interesting resources.

4. Frinkiac

Frinkiac is a vast library of phrases and terms from one of the most popular American animated comedies, The Simpsons, that you may search for. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons and would like to expand your knowledge of the show’s dialogue, this is the place to come. You can search for anything you want, and it will transform screenshots into animated gifs and memes based on the search parameters. Paul and Allie Young are selling their products in the market.

5. Quodb.com


Quodb.com makes it easier for all entertainment lovers to uncover millions of quotes in millions of movie lines. No matter what you are looking for, Quodb.com delivers the simplest searching features through which you can search for your intended stuff naturally. Users can get themselves registered and then save favorites, alter existing lines, list items, and submit their titles to its database as well. Using any term or phrase, you can receive quotes of that respective search from famous…

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