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Police Accuse the Boy’s Mother With His Disappearance and Death

Details about “Police accuse the boy’s mother of his disappearance and death.” A week after a 20-month-old kid went missing in Chatham County, Georgia, officials believe he is dead and has branded his mother a “primary suspect.”

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Police in Georgia stated on Thursday that they have reason to think that a youngster reported missing a week ago is no longer alive and that the toddler’s mother is a “primary suspect” in the case.

Chief Jeff Hadley of the Chatham County Police Department stated in a post on Facebook that an investigation that took place over the last week led to the conclusion that Quinton Simon had passed away.

“As you are aware, the investigation we have been doing over the last eight days has led us to the tragic conclusion that 20-month-old Quinton Simon has passed away,” Hadley said. “His mother, Leilani Simon, has been identified as the key suspect in both Quinton’s disappearance and death,” the police said. In this investigation, neither an arrest nor any charges have been brought forward.

We immediately began a thorough search for Quinton after receiving a call in which it was reported that he had gone missing after calling 911. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate Quinton. But we won’t stop looking for answers, and we won’t stop investigating. And we will keep at it with every tool at our disposal to provide closure to Quinton’s family and ensure that justice is done in this matter.

Police accuse the boy's mother with his disappearance and death
Police accuse the boy’s mother with his disappearance and death

According to a report in The Savannah Morning News, Hadley stated that he was unsure of where the 22-year-old Simon was but did not feel she posed a flight danger. Hadley stated, “what I can say is that the evidence so far, based on several interviews and search warrants, has led us to the conclusion that Quinton is deceased.” “I can say that the evidence so far, based on multiple interviews and search warrants,” “The inquiry does not come to a close at that point.”

The family of a toddler named Quinton Simon, who was last seen in Savannah and was 20 months old, was told by local and federal detectives that it was very likely that the child has passed away, according to a statement made on Facebook by the Chatham County Police Department on Wednesday.

According to what was said in the post, the primary suspect in her son’s abduction and death is the woman who is his mother, Leilani Simon. “However, there have been no arrests made, and no charges have been filed,” the report said.

According to WJCL, Quinton’s family realized that their toddler son was gone about nine in the morning on October 5, three hours after he had been seen at his house on Buckhalter Road for the last time. After that, they notified the authorities. WJCL got a tape in which a dispatcher can be heard stating that the boy’s mother reported that her son had gone missing.

The dispatcher can be heard saying on the tape, “She woke up; her door was open,” the news station reports the dispatcher saying. “It has been reported that he is unable to open a door. Believes that he was taken by someone who entered inside the building.”

According to a statement made by the department on Facebook, Chatham County Police Chief Jeffrey Hadley is scheduled to hold a press conference on Thursday to discuss the incident in further detail.

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