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Police Chase Suspect From “GTA” Takes Pickup Truck in La County on Live Television

To avoid being put in custody, a police chase suspect engaged in a risky two-county crime spree that included breaking into numerous vehicles, ramming a police car, and breaking into someone’s home. The guy, who was initially sought after by Fullerton police, led officers on a pursuit until being cornered in a parking lot of an apartment building in the northern area of Anaheim.

The suspect backed into one of the police cars and fled in a white van even though they were encircled in the parking lot. In order to escape being cornered, the pursued suspect reverses into a police car. He was pinned in a parking lot by a police officer, ending what appeared to be an Orange County pursuit.

The suspect drove through portions of Fullerton, Anaheim, and Santa Ana before abandoning the white van in Whittier, turning the risky pursuit into a 2-county chase. As the crime spree came to an end, viewers commenting on FOX 11’s live streams compared the police pursuit to the well-known video game Grand Theft Auto.

Following a brief foot pursuit with the police, the guy entered a nearby house, where he was accosted by the occupants, including two dogs, before hopping inside a white pickup truck sitting in the driveway and speeding off in what may have been a stolen vehicle once again. The lengthy pursuit was eventually handed off to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

A suspect in pursuit snatches a car from the driveway and speeds past the owners before fleeing. As a family attempted to fight the man off, the suspect in the pursuit stole another truck. Gina Silva of FOX 11 spoke with the carjacking victim. He claimed to have bought the pickup truck three weeks before the event, getting it to help his family’s landscaping company.

The owner of the truck whose theft it was, Andres Benitez, claimed, “It was just hard work.” “This was my objective for the past two years.” The suspect broke into the home in an effort to elude the police, said Benitez. Benitez pulled a knife as his mother was inside and led the suspect out of the house. The suspect grabbed Benitez’s car key as he was being led out of the house and fled with both the key and the car.

Truck stolen from Whittier driveway by a suspect in pursuit; owners purchased truck three weeks earlier
The owners of a pickup that was taken after a wild police pursuit from a Whittier home claim they only recently purchased the vehicle. The entire inventory of the family business was in the truck.

Following the theft of his work truck by a suspect in pursuit, the victim speaks out. Benitez told FOX 11 that the dogs who took part in the tense conflict are well. He jokingly told FOX’s Gina Silva that he was “disappointed” that the family’s pit bull didn’t try to stop the suspect while visibly upset over having his pickup truck stolen.

Law officials finally cornered the man at a petrol station in San Gabriel Valley. Around six o’clock in the evening, the suspect was taken into custody following a brief but tense standoff. After having his work truck stolen, Benitez set up a GoFundMe campaign. Those who want to assist can learn more by clicking here. It is unclear what the suspect was sought after for prior to backing into police cars, attempting to break into parked cars, driving against traffic, and switching between multiple vehicles along the way.

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