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Police in New Jersey Shoot Two Officers and Search Homes Door to Door for the Suspect

Authorities were looking for the suspect inside a building as cops continued to search door to door after two New Jersey police officers were shot on Tuesday, according to officials. The shooting in Newark, which is located across the Hudson River from New York City, sparked a significant police response in the city. Cops and a man with a criminal past, Kendall Howard, engaged in gunfire while officers were executing a warrant, according to the authorities.

Ras Baraka, the mayor of Newark, told reporters that bullets were fired when the officers finally located Howard after failing to do so at first. One police officer suffered a graze wound to the neck before the bullet entered his shoulder, while another suffered a leg wound. Both cops were in stable condition after his surgery.

After the incident, Howard hid inside the structure. Authorities at a crime scene where police officers were shot on November 1, 2022, in Newark, New Jersey. It’s still going on, according to Baraka. They are still cleaning out the building, and I’m hoping that by the time this is over this evening, we’ll have someone in jail.

According to officials, other officers helped drag the hurt officers to safety. According to initial local accounts, the suspect was on a rooftop and had a long gun, but Baraka asserted that he doesn’t think this was the case and that the officers were instead shot at close range.

The New Jersey State Police, the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and the U.S. Marshals Service are among the law enforcement organizations that have arrived at the site.

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey claimed to be aware of the predicament. He tweeted, “I am aware of and carefully observing an evolving situation in Newark. “I’m in contact with the local government, and the State is supplying the resources needed. We’ll keep assisting the community’s law enforcement in keeping everyone safe.

Sen. Bob Menendez declared that his group is “watching the developing situation in Newark and will remain in contact with local and state authorities to provide whatever support we can.” Newark’s congressional representative, Donald Payne, said he was also keeping track of Tuesday’s activities.

I am aware of and carefully observing the development of the situation in Newark, the man said in a statement. “Encouraging everyone to adhere to police instructions, leave the area, and practice continued vigilance by going inside and closing your doors. Additionally, I’m praying for the speedy recovery of the two brave officers that were hurt today.

The mayor of Belleville, a suburb north of Newark, Michael Melham, claimed to be aware of the “active shooter scenario.” He wrote on Facebook, “We are aware of the developing active shooter scenario in Newark. The Belleville Police Department has contacted its Newark counterparts to offer help. We are prepared to assist Newark in any way that is required. We will step up border patrols between Belleville and Newark in the interim here in Belleville.

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