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Pregnant Selma Blair: DWTS leaving made Kaley Cuoco crying

Pregnant When Selma Blair announced that she would be leaving “Dancing with the Stars,” Kaley Cuoco broke down into tears and said, “I can’t stand it.”

A video of the former “Big Bang Theory” cast member wiping away tears while watching “DWTS” was published on Wednesday. Due to the difficulties associated with multiple sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with in early 2018, Blair delivered her last performance on the show that aired on October 17th. “What exactly is going on here?” Tom Pelphrey, who plays Cuoco’s partner on “Ozark,” posed the question in the video.

After Blair’s performance with the dancer Sasha Farber, Cuoco said, “Selma just got four tens.” This was about Blair’s flawless score. In response to Pelphrey’s observation that Cuoco is, “She responded as she was crying, “I can’t stand it!” I love her.” During the show, Blair said that dancing put a strain on her body, and she added, “I’ve pushed as far as I could.”

Pregnant Selma Blair
Pregnant Selma Blair

Blair, a mother whose son Arthur is 11 years old, performed a waltz to the song “What the World Needs Now Is Love” as her farewell dance. She dedicated the dance to “everyone that has tried and believed they could do more, but also the power in accepting it’s time to walk away.” Cuoco’s feelings were stirred by the stunning performance, which is an extremely typical response for someone pregnant. According to the Mayo Clinic, fluctuations in hormone levels might be the root cause of erratic moods and other intense feelings.

Cuoco shared the exciting news about her pregnancy on Instagram earlier this month, accompanied by photographs of her and Pelphrey holding mugs that said “Mama Bear” and “Papa Bear,” as well as a cake with pink icing. Read more: A Vermont Man Has Been Charged with Shooting and Killing a New Hampshire Couple

She wrote that there will be a baby girl Pelphrey in the year 2023. “Above and beyond blessed, and I couldn’t be happier…”

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