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Prosecutors Claim That a ‘Robbery Spree’ Led to a Murder Outside a Wedding at a Country Club

According to an earlier version of the article, the gunshot victim recognized Myrick in a lineup. Prosecutors now claim that Myrick was identified by a family of Broder. A man who was in the car with the adolescent accused of killing a father and restaurant manager as he drove away from a wedding testified before the jury. Christian Broder, his family, and friends were waiting for an Uber in 2018 when he was shot.

The witness, who was in the car with Jayden Myrick, 17, says he heard a shot and then saw his friend return to the car with handbags and wallets. When Fulton County Assistant District Attorney Christopher Sperry urged everyone in the courtroom to get up and remove their masks, Channel 2′s Tom Jones was there.

”Do You See Jayden Myrick In The Courtroom Today?”

The witness, whose face and voice could not be seen or recorded, pointed at Myrick at the defense table. He claimed to have been with Broder when he was robbed and shot outside the Capital City Country Club at Brookhaven in northeast Atlanta in July 2018.

Sperry pressed the witness, who claimed to be 15 years old at the time. According to the witness, there were four passengers in the automobile. According to testimony, the automobile was stolen during a carjacking in Forest Park.

Prosecutors Claim That a 'robbery Spree' Led to a Murder Outside a Wedding at a Country Club

“Who Stepped Out Of The Car?”

The jury was told by the witness After the driver pointed out Broder and the gang that late night, Myrick was the only one to get out of the automobile. Myrick, he claimed, jumped out of the car and robbed the group.

Why Was A Habitual Juvenile Offender, Now Facing Murder Charges, Back On The Streets?

A judge has ruled that earlier offenses can be used against minors suspected of murdering a wedding guest. A threat to society’ says a teen accused of shooting outside a country club. Brett Zimbrick, a retired Atlanta Police Department Homicide officer, testified that another youngster in the car that night informed him one of the victims tried to bargain with Myrick.

“At that point, there was a shot fired.” “Jayden Myrick got back into the automobile, and they departed the scene,” Zimbrick testified, quoting a witness. Broder was the one who was shot. According to the witness, they drove around smoking and then headed to a Walmart in Morrow. The four were caught on video walking into the business. According to Zimbrick, it also shows Myrick purchasing chips and Coke.

The witness, whom we were not permitted to display, claims to have received $20 from the crime. Another witness in the car that night, according to Zimbrick, told him how much he got. “He did say he received $20 from Jayden Myrick,” Zimbrick stated.

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Myrick has pleaded not guilty. His counsel questioned the witness’ motivation for testifying, given that he is also facing accusations. He claimed he was testifying to get a reduced sentence. The witness claims he testified because someone innocent died and he was young and stupid at the time.

The prosecution is nearing the end of its case, so testimony will resume on Tuesday. After the prosecution has finished its case, the defense will take the stand. Myrick is also named in a RICO indictment filed in 2022 against him, rapper Young Thug, and 26 others.

Myrick is charged with a slew of offenses, including attempted murder, according to the indictment. Prosecutors accuse Myrick of stabbing and attempting to kill rapper YFN Lucci, actual name Rayshawn Bennett, while incarcerated in the Fulton County Jail in February 2022.

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