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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Relationship: Why This is Called a Special Relationship?

After 24 years, on the morning of April 9 at Windsor Castle, the royal family announced that Prince Philip had died away peacefully at the age of 99. Afterward, on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II would arrive. When it came to their relationship, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had nothing but love, respect, and undying admiration for one another.

The Whole Story of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Relationship


Queen, The seven-decade-long love story of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip is remarkable. See the entire history of their relationship, from running a country to starting a family, down below.

In 1934, the future King George VI was introduced to the future Queen Elizabeth.
On November 20, 1947, they tied the knot.
They had four children together, and now they enjoy the company of grandkids and great-grandchildren.
When Prince Philip died at the age of 99 on April 9, 2021, he had been married for 73 years.

Initial Introduction: Queen and Prince Philip


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip of Greece (at the time) are great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, making them distant cousins. Elizabeth’s uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent, married his cousin, Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark. Elizabeth was only eight years old, and nobody anticipated her to become Queen soon. Instead, her father’s brother Edward was in line to become king and was also expected to have children.

She was 13 at the time, and he was 18 when they ran into one other again during a royal visit to the Royal Naval College, where he was a cadet. According to the story, the two fell in love at first sight.

Marion Crawford, the Queen’s nanny at the time, recalled the royal family’s fascination with the prince in her memoir. She “he never saw her take her gaze from him, Crawford said. Throughout the years of their contact, she never looked at anybody else, as her cousin Margaret Rhodes informed Vanity Fair.”

They had been pen pals for years before falling deeply in love. Biographer Ingrid Seward claims that Prince Philip’s letter to Queen Elizabeth was the most romantic ever written: “Being spared in the war and witnessing victory, being allowed to rest and readjust, falling completely and unreservedly in love—all of these things make one’s problems—and the issues of the world—seem insignificant and trivial.”

To marry the Queen, the prince would need higher titles than he had, but King George liked him anyhow. He only wanted to wait a year, until the Queen was 21, before making the engagement public.

Philip popped the question during a month-long family holiday in Balmoral. London jeweler Philip Antrobus used diamonds from her mother’s tiara to create the ring she proposed with.

Wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s


On July 9, 1947, the future King and Queen of the United Kingdom finally revealed their engagement to the public by releasing a photograph of themselves together. “This is not an arranged marriage”It would be hard to find a perfect analog for that of an Heiress Presumptive and much more so for her choice as the partner of one who is, officially at least, a British commoner,” a correspondent for the Guardian said at the time. An ideal romantic pairing, if you will.

Westminster Abbey played host to the royal wedding, but the monarch requested a low-key affair because it was the first significant event in the kingdom following WWII.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Relationship
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Relationship

The ceremony and luncheon at Buckingham Palace were attended by only 150 people (very few for a royal occasion). Following the ceremony and reception, the newlyweds honeymooned at his family’s home in Hampshire, known as Broadlands.

While Philip is stationed in the Navy in Malta, the Queen and Prince Philip enjoy a low-key, relaxed lifestyle for the first time in their life. The couple’s first child, Prince Charles, was born in November of the year after their wedding. Royal Family with Young Subjects. They had another daughter, Princess Anne, less than two years later.

Elizabeth became Queen at the tender age of 25 after her father’s death, King George VI, in 1952. Reportedly, the stress of her position and duties at the time contributed to the couple’s separation. The children were not allowed to use Prince Philip’s last name because of her work. However, they soon found a permanent home in the royal position.

Queen Elizabeth’s address in the guildhall celebrating their silver wedding anniversary was an inspiration to couples everywhere.

“After 25 years of marriage, she claimed she could say “I am for it” when asked what she thought of family life.

1997 was their golden anniversary.

The Queen and Prince Philip hosted a luncheon to mark this significant year of their marriage. In a toast to the monarch, Prince Philip remarked on the couple’s long and happy marriage.

“Tolerance is the key to a successful marriage, and I believe it is the most important thing we’ve learned together. I can assure you that the Queen possesses a lot of tolerance.”

She Sang Prince Philip’s Praises Once More in June 2002
The Queen heaped lavish praise on Prince Philip in her address commemorating the Golden Jubilee. “I’d want to thank my own family for being a source of support,” she remarked. Over the past half-century, the Duke of Edinburgh has inspired me, as he has been to the countless people and causes he has supported.”

Celebrating 70 Years in November 2017
This pair has been together for seven decades and shows no signs of breaking up. Fresh photos of the Queen and prince celebrating their anniversary were taken to commemorate the occasion.

They enjoyed a modest supper to honor becoming the first royal couple to reach a silver anniversary.

Celebrating their 73rd Wedding Anniversary in November of 2020
In celebration of this monumental occasion, the official Royal Family Instagram account has shared an intimate snapshot from the newlyweds’ honeymoon.

His Royal Highness Prince Philip Will Die on April 9, 2021
The death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth’s husband of 73 years, was announced on April 9. His Royal Highness died away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle, the Royal Family said on Instagram.

Everything you need to know about the charming and romantic life of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip may be found here. Keep up with more future news at unitedfact.com by following their updates.

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