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Rain Did Not Deter King Charles During His First Visit to the Norfolk Estate Since the Queen’s Death

On October 23, King Charles III went to a church on his Norfolk estate to attend Sunday worship. He didn’t mind the pouring rain that was taking on outside. The monarch, who is 73 years old, was shown walking inside the royal residence with a woman who appeared to be the Queen Consort Camilla. He was observed holding his umbrella aloft the entire time.

Why Charles I Made His First Official Visit To The Norfolk Estate Since The Death of The Queen, And He Spent It In The Pouring Rain?

The King also made his first appearance at Sandringham House for the first time since Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and he was joined by another guest in addition to the duet that he brought with him. The new ruler appeared in public wearing a brown suede brogue-style shoe and a grey suit. The suit was combined with brown suede brogue-style shoes.

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Despite the rain, King Charles seemed unmoved during his first visit to the Norfolk estate after the passing of the Queen. On the other hand, Camilla was seen wearing a tartan skirt with a dark jacket, and she accessorized her appearance with a black hat and a crossbody bag. She was also carrying a crossbody bag.

According to what Queen’s chef Darren McGrady wrote for the Mail, the royal family has made it a tradition to spend the Christmas holidays at Sandringham House. He said, “Right from my first Christmas, I was in love with and enchanted by Sandringham.”

Rain Did Not Deter King Charles During His First Visit to the Norfolk Estate Since the Queen's Death

He revealed that the royal family would get together for afternoon tea and observe the German custom of Heiligabend Bescherung, which literally translates to “Christmas Eve time for exchanging gifts,” as a way to begin the Christmas celebration. He also said that the royal family would give gifts to one another.

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