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Ranking Of Kings Season 2: Everything We Want to Know!

Sōsuke Tōka draws and writes Ranking of Kings. It’s been online since May 2017 in Enterbrain’s Manga Hack magazine. Wit Studio’s 23-episode anime adaptation aired on Fuji TV’s noitaminA from October 15, 2021, until March 25, 2022. The ranking of Kings may get a second season.

The ranking of the Kings’ second season is unconfirmed. The first season of this popular seinen manga, which is still ongoing, aired a year ago, but there have been no other adaptations. Ranking of Kings is popular, therefore a second season is likely. When?

This article covers every Ranking of Kings season 2 fact, known and undiscovered. This popular new anime series’ release date, trailer, narrative, and more will be revealed.

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Release Date

A manga-to-anime adaptation was announced on December 8, 2019. The Japanese Federation of the Deaf handled sign language animation, and Wit Studio produced the anime TV series. Yōsuke Hatta directed and Taku Kishimoto wrote the series. Atsuko Nozaki designed the characters, while MAYUKO wrote the music.

King Gnu sang “BOY,” while Yama sang “Oz.” Vandy sang “Hadaka no Yūsha” and Miletus sang “Flare” for the second opening and closing credits. From October 15, 2021, through March 25, 2022, Fuji TV Channel aired noitaminA. Amazon Prime Video in Japan streamed the programs an hour after airing.

In French-speaking, German, Austrian, Nordic, and Russian-speaking nations, Wakanim has the series’ simulcast rights. Funimation transmitted the subtitled version in North America. Crunchyroll simulcast the series’ second course.

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How does this affect a second season? Ranking of Kings is popular and has plenty of unadapted content for an anime series. Given this, the Ranking of Kings’ renewal prospects is good. As we’ve mentioned, the original manga series is incredibly popular, and it’s clear that the authors want it to continue, especially since the manga is still ongoing. The fact that the first season aired lately makes us hopeful. However, we wouldn’t know if there will be a second season until 2022 or 2023.

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Trailer

You now know all the information and our thoughts about Ranking of Kings Season 2, so you undoubtedly guessed that there is no trailer. We don’t know if the show will have a second season, thus a trailer may not materialize. Based on our information, this is unlikely.

The ranking of Kings is expected to return. The manga has more material for adaptation, and the anime is popular, which is fantastic. Before making a prediction, we need to know if a sequel is planned. However, Ranking of Kings is on a brief hiatus while we learn more about its future. Considering all we’ve discussed, a Ranking of Kings teaser is unlikely this or next year. A trailer could debut in 2024 if a second season is confirmed in 2023.

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Plot

We don’t know which manga chapters will be adapted for Ranking of Kings Season 2. The second season’s length, if it happens, is unknown due to a lack of information. We only know it will continue the show’s protagonists’ adventures. A storyline summary follows.

Ranking Of Kings Season 2

Bosse is threatened. Its creator, noted for his Herculean strength, is critically ill, and Prince Bojji, his heir, is not well known. From knights to peasants, he is mocked for being deaf, dumb, and wordless. If he becomes king, the country will fall in kingship rankings, which are based on sovereign power. Daida, the youngest prince, earns public support.

Bojji always smiles. Because he had a conversation companion for the first time, he cheerfully gives his garments to a mysterious shadow. Strange thief understands. He then learns about Bojji’s dream: to be the world’s best monarch!

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Cast

Because we don’t know if Ranking of Kings will return, we can’t discuss the cast and characters yet. Since the series will have a mostly set cast, we don’t foresee much change in season two’s framework, if it happens. The season one primary character expected to return are:

Bojji: Minami Hinata Story protagonist and first prince of Bosse. He was mocked and scorned in the palace and kingdom for being deaf and little. Bojji wants to be a strong king like his father and always smiles, despite his infirmity.

Kindness, thoroughness, and intuition have won him many surprising allies. Like his race, he is poison-resistant and has unusual agility and evasiveness for a king. Daida and Kage traveled after his coronation. Kage Ayumu Murase Bojji’s last Shadow Clan buddy.

Kage was a child when the monarchy he served killed his assassin family. He fled and was sold by a gangster. Kage stole to survive in a terrible world. After meeting Bojji, he promises to remain his loyal buddy. Ben orders him to defend Bojji.

King, Bojji’s younger half-brother, and Queen Hiling’s biological son. As he tries to emulate his father, he is diligent and resilient like Bojji yet arrogant. He privately envies his brother, who he thinks easily won everyone’s favor and the throne.

Queen, Daida’s mother, and Bojji’s stepmother. She loved Bojji more before. After Daida’s birth, she became more practical and stern about royal matters, declaring Bojji unfit to rule. Despite criticizing Bojji, she loves him as much as her own son and spends a lot of energy healing his wounds. She lets Bojji travel with Domas and Hokuro to his parent’s residence.

King Bosse’s best swordsman. Although he loves Bojji, he abandoned him because he realized he would never be as powerful as his father. He vows devotion to Daida and pushes Bojji into the Underworld Hole to murder him to reinforce his loyalty. He subsequently cuts off his right hand and saves Hokuro to train him.

Where Is Ranking of Kings Season 2?

As promised, Ranking of Kings season two is unavailable to watch. The best anime sites, Funimation and Crunchyroll, aired the first season worldwide, therefore a second season would likely be streamed by them.

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