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Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert 2022

Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert: The Red Hot Chili Peppers are touring Europe and North America for “Unlimited Love.” I saw them live Sunday night in Arlington.

Arriving at the arena, hundreds wore the band’s emblem. A family of five with three small children sat in front of me. The varied crowd illustrates the band’s popularity and reach.

I was on the stadium’s second higher level to the stage’s right. Even though I was up high, I could see the entire stage and had few seats in front of me.

Thundercat performed at 6:30 and The Strokes at 8 p.m. Thundercat wasn’t a fan since he played guitar tracks without words. The Strokes were interactive and played both popular and new songs.

The crowd shouted when the Red Hot Chili Peppers stepped on stage. I’ve never heard a louder crowd. The headliners sang “Can’t Stop” This was a wonderful experience because this band has been active since the 1980s and this song was recorded before I was born.

Despite being older, Anthony Kiedis (50), Flea (59), John Frusciante (52) and Chad Smith (60) never slowed down. This bassist was quite active, and I enjoyed it. “Support your local weirdo” was written on his guitar. Their concert showed they’re rock stars.

Their two-hour show included popular tunes and songs from “Unlimited Love.” I like their show’s lighting and visuals.

Two huge displays on either side of the stage zoomed in on band members. My seats were further back, so this helped. The stage’s screen curved behind the band to the pit. Upside-down skateboard ramp.

The wide-screen design was fantastic.

Each song included colored light sequences. “Give It Away” had psychedelic artwork and vivid colors, therefore it was my favorite.

“Otherside” was my favorite RHCP song. It was amazing to watch one of my favorite songs live because I sing it in the vehicle. This concert sounded far better than my vehicle stereo.

Anthony Kiedis is a great singer who sounds just like on records. Authenticity made this a terrific concert.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers released a new album on October 14. Pre-order their album online.

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