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Residents Are Encountering a Number of Issues, Including the Loss of Power Owing to Burst Pipes

Residents of the capital city have expressed feelings of frustration and being overwhelmed as they continue to fight water-related issues. A mother of three who I met with said that she had been without electricity and water since Friday night and shared her story with me.

“Don’t worry; everything is going to work out just fine. You guys are aware of that, right? “We are going to make it through this,” Latonya Sims, a resident of Jackson, told her children. “We are going to make it.” The water pressure in my home is insufficient to allow me to wash the dishes, as Sims stated. “There is no filth in my home. I just don’t have it in me to wash the dishes.”

According to Sims, this is the juggling act that she and her family are performing in order to survive the Christmas holiday. “My children have been shivering,” stated Sims. “Christmas was ruined for us when the pipes burst through the water leak and got into the lighting fixtures, which resulted in the power being turned off.

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As a result, we had to endure even more hardship because we were deprived of both water and heat during this time.” The neighborhood around Sims’ apartment complex, which is located around Oxford Avenue and Lorenz Boulevard, looks like this right now.

According to Sims, there is a break in the primary supply of freshwater, and water can be seen bubbling out and flowing down the road. According to Sims, “they ought to look more into the lower communities because certain individuals stay in particular locations like these are low-base income apartments,” and “they ought to look more into the lower neighborhoods.”

“Don’t look down on us since we are citizens too, and we require aid just like everyone else. They have to get the water and the water lines mended as soon as possible. Sims also claims that her building and several other nearby buildings are still without electricity as a result of broken pipes in the ceiling. Because of this, the fire brigade was forced to turn off all of the electrical power in the complex.

“We have tried to acquire water from the water places, but no one has been answering the phone because I don’t have a vehicle to get to certain places,” Sims said. “The reason I can’t go to certain places is that I don’t have a vehicle.” Because the water issues have not been resolved, Sims claims that she is unsure how much longer she can put up with the current circumstances.

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