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Rich Girl Who Masterminded Her Parents’ Deaths is Now a Divorced Jail Bride 20 Years Later

A relative of the Red Baron killed her affluent parents approximately 20 years ago. Suzane von Richthofen is now 38 and divorced after marrying another female killer in prison, although she was 18 when she murdered her sleeping parents. Daniel Cravinhos and his brother Christian were her accomplices.

I dated one of Britain’s most wanted men, but I didn’t know he killed a father. Suzane watched as her brothers assaulted her parents with iron rods at the family mansion in a Sao Paulo suburb. I beat my abusive dad with a hammer to save my mother, and I’d do it again.

Before the 20th anniversary of the crime on October 31, 2002, we look into Suzane’s turbulent existence. Suzane grew up in a rich home and obtained a first-rate education. Suzane’s father was German engineer Manfred Albert von Richthofen, a grand nephew of the legendary fighter pilot Baron von Richthofen. She and her brother Andreas attended Brazilian private schools. Smart Suzane studied law and was due to inherit millions after graduation.

Rich Girl Who Masterminded Her Parents' Deaths is Now a Divorced

Suzane was 16 when she dated jobless, penniless Daniel Cravings. Suzane begged her father to buy her and her lover an apartment after spending every minute together. Her dad disapproved of the connection but said she could spend her own money. Suzane hadn’t inherited her family’s wealth yet.

A cunning young woman devised a bloody scheme to get rich and free without working. This led to the Richthofen family’s terrifying collapse with the help of cannabis smoking by Daniel and his brother Christian. While her younger brother was abroad, she returned home with Daniel and Christian.

She disarmed the alarm and pointed to the master bedroom before letting her companions in. The treacherous daughter sat on a sofa as her siblings slaughtered her parents with iron bars. A plastic bag was wrapped around Marisa’s head to stop her breathing. The trio grabbed the money and made a mess to make it appear like a burglary. Christian went to a fast food restaurant while the lovers went to a motel. Suzane picked up Andreas at 4 am and returned to the crime scene.


The case made headlines throughout Brazil. Suzane and Daniel celebrated her 19th birthday in the pool days after her parents were pronounced dead, which sparked suspicion among neighbors. No traces of forced entry led police to question how the killers knew the alarm code. Christian bought a Suzuki motorcycle in 100-dollar bills hours after the incident, leaving police to speculate if it was the same cash stolen from the Richthofen home.

Suzane accused her boyfriend of polluting her thoughts. During a TV appearance with Brazilian media, a microphone caught her lawyer telling her what to say and how to act. Prosecutor Roberto Tardelli said she was the “mastermind” behind the murders and wanted her parents’ money and possessions.

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