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Rico Swavey Car Accident Video: Is the blame for his drunkenness on him?

The hospital, Doren Hospital, where the late Big Brother Nigeria star Rico Swavey was rushed to and ultimately died, has exonerated itself and the staff of any collaboration following the release of a video alleging that the hospital staff had videotaped the deceased rather than attending to him while he was in their care. The video went viral following its release of the video.

In their statement, Doren Hospital noted that even though Rico Swavey was admitted into the hospital’s emergency care unit, medical staff administered first aid, and the good Samaritans who brought him in were informed of the severity of the situation and the need for urgent neurosurgeon review. This was mentioned in the hospital context, noting that even though Rico Swavey was admitted into the emergency care unit, medical staff administered first aid.

The hospital further stated that it promptly referred the sufferer to Evercare Hospital, located in the Lekki Phase neighborhood.

Rico Swavey Car Accident Video
Rico Swavey Car Accident Video

According to the statement, a comprehensive referral letter was produced and delivered to the relations, who grudgingly accepted the letter after being convinced several times. However, before leaving the hospital, one Mrs. Ify Helen Eze and a good Samaritan who brought in the victim decided to make a video to exonerate themselves from being implicated as being responsible for the patient’s condition. This was done so they would not be held accountable for the patient’s condition. Read more: Sarah Ferguson Posts First Photos of Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis Since Monarch’s Death

The fact that Rico Swavey was brought in unconscious with a Glasgow coma of 3/15, smelling of alcohol, was, on the other hand, a worrying component of the statement. This suggests that he was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

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After examining the photos and the video taken of Rico’s vehicle at the scene of the accident, it was determined that he was most likely under the influence of alcohol when he crashed into the median of the major road.

The reality TV personality was in a car accident on Tuesday while engaged. Read more: Marianne Shockley’s Death: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?

Alex Asogwa, a former housemate with the same contestant on Big Brother Naija Season 3, broke the news on her Twitter account on Tuesday, stating that medical professionals were attempting to revive him.

Sadly, Rico Swavey could not overcome the severity of the injuries he incurred in the car accident that occurred on Thursday morning and passed away as a result.

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