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Rita Ora Recreates Wedding in ‘you Only Love Me’ Video as She Confirms Taika Waititi Marriage

Even though RITA ORA plays the role of a distraught bride in the music video for her latest single “You Only Love Me,” this does not indicate that she is not a contentedly married woman in her everyday life. Ora announced on Friday, the same day that she was celebrating the release of her newest single, that she and film director Taika Waititi had recently tied the knot.

“Yes. According to People, Ora informed the host of Heart Radio Breakfast that “here we are.” “They believe there’s a reason for everything that happens. I am sorry to inform you, but I am no longer available!” Before transitioning into Rita Ora getting ready for a wedding that turns out to be a nightmare, the opening sequence of the music video for her newest single is a compilation of footage of her celebrity friends congratulating her on her upcoming marriage.

Ora says in the chorus, “You only love me when/The whiskey’s pouring/Four in the morning,” and the lyrics refer to the time of day. The video shows the diva as she is surrounded by colorful bridesmaids who appear to want to make Ora’s big moment about them rather than about Ora herself.

At the very end of the graphic, Ora can be seen making her way to a massive castle in preparation for her grand wedding, but she quickly notices that the castle is on fire. In a press release, Ora said, “With ‘You Only Love Me,’ and my upcoming album, I wanted to portray the vulnerability I’ve experienced as I opened myself up to love and entered a new phase of life.”

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“The process of letting go of the past in order to make room for new experiences is an intensely personal one, and it is one that I felt obliged to document through my music,” says the artist. She continues by saying, “The trip was not always easy, but I’ve come out of it stronger, and filled with more love than I ever believed was possible.”

Ora has stated on her Instagram account that “You Only Love Me” is the first taste of a “new era.” “I’ve been dying to share the new music I’ve been working on with all of you!” she said. “I’m very proud of the new music I’ve been working on.” “I love you so much, and I am so grateful that you are here with me.”

This is the first taste of a new album from Rita Ora since the release of Phoenix in 2018, which included the singles “For You,” “Girls,” and “Anywhere.” Other than a large number of collaborations and “How to Be Lonely,” which will be released in 2020, this is the first taste of a new album.

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